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Corporate Social Responsibility

For Federal Bank, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been an inherited and inbuilt element of its culture from the day the bank was founded. Our Founder's values and ethos based on trust got embedded in the bank's policies and principles which reflect on its day to day business. CSR in Federal Bank began with the first act of cultivating banking habits in an agrarian society - to effectively utilize idle money for productive purposes.

Creating employment opportunity for a predominantly farming community was phase two. The Bank is a commercial entity. It has to carry out its operations to generate profits to fulfill its responsibility to all stakeholders. But its activities are carried out in the society and it owes to the society for its business prosperity.
While carrying out its activities, Bank is duty bound to ensure that its products and services serve the best interests of the society. Bank has approved a policy for Sustainable Development, which ensures that Bank's activities are conducive to sustainable social welfare. In addition to this, Bank has to directly participate in social activities to help the development of specific areas/segments.
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