Do Not Call Registry

Federal DND Registration

1. Please allow 30 working days for the removal of the below specified numbers from our telemarketing lists.

2. If you enroll in "Do Not Call Registration" list, there are still some calls you may receive. You may still receive calls:
  • In response to queries made by you in writing or verbally.
  • In reference to an existing debt, contract, or payment.
  • When an established business relationship between you and the Bank currently exists.
  • Made to verify the details furnished by you under any application to the Bank.
  • Made to conduct such credit checks or card misuse related checks in the event of any irregular transaction observed, in order to protect the customer's interests, as the Bank shall consider necessary in its sole discretion.
I Confirm I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions given above.
Phone Number Should be 8 digits
Mobile Number Should be 10 digits