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Presenting Celesta Family Banking program…
Celebrating Family & Relationships

Celesta Savings Account

Family Banking

It’s always a pleasure when you do something along with your family. Then why not make banking pleasurable? Celesta lets you take your family along as you enjoy the best of banking. Share all your privileges your entire family with no account level commitments.


We invite you along with your family to enjoy benefits such as Premium Celesta Debit Card, Airport Lounge Access Program, Concierge Program, Insurance Benefits, Priority Service Line, Relationship Manager Support, Account linked Concessions & much more.


Wealth Management

With Celesta, you get to take your mind off the nitty gritty of managing your wealth. Our specialised wealth management wing will ensure your money is monitored and deployed across the right asset classes through all market scenarios so that your investments earn optimum returns and you enjoy peace of mind.


Our wealth management services make available a multitude of products and services. Our expertise lies in the areas of Mutual funds, Portfolio Management Services, Bonds, Alternate Investment Funds, Estate planning, Dollar Denominated Products, Private Equity, Unlisted Securities, etc. We also provide a best-in-class online platform, absolutely free, to help you review and manage your portfolio.

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Personalized Banking

We appreciate your uniqueness and thus will offer services that are tailor-made for you. Exclusivity is ensured in all your engagements with us. Some of the exclusive features include:


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Celesta Debit Card

In this digital age where payment services are getting digital at a much quicker pace, we present to you, our totally revamped debit card that sets a new benchmark. It takes care of not just your payment requirements but also is loaded with a bouquet of loyalty benefits such as:

  • Complimentary Domestic & International Airport Lounge Access
  • Reward points on all debit card spends
  • Daily shopping limit of Rs. 6 Lakhs
  • Daily domestic ATM Withdrawal limit of Rs. 1 Lakh
  • Online shopping offers & discounts
  • Assured 15% off on Food & Dining
  • Complimentary Golf Access

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Celesta Eligibility

Celesta provides contemporary best in class offerings and a Beyond Banking experience. Any individual (Resident or NRI) can join Celesta, satisfying any of the following criteria:

  • Average Monthly Balance of Rs. 10 Lakhs in savings account
  • Cumulative Average Monthly Balance of Rs. 10 Lakhs across all savings accounts
  • Average Monthly Balance of Rs. 5 Lakhs across all savings account + Rs. 25 Lakhs as Fixed Deposit
  • Total Relationship value of Rs 1 Crore
  • For Resident Salary Customers: Salary credit of Rs. 2 Lakhs or more in salary account
  • Family Monthly Average Balance of Rs 10 Lakhs across all savings accounts in Family ID
  • Family Monthly Average Balance of Rs. 5 Lakhs across all savings accounts in Family ID + Rs. 25 Lakhs as Fixed Deposit
  • Family Total Relationship Value of Rs 1 Crore


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