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Federal Bank - Point of Sales
Federal Bank - Point of Sales

Point of Sales(POS) Terminals

Point of Sales(POS) Terminals

With every swipe, you earn smiles. Make business easier for yourself and your customers with Federal Bank's POS Terminals.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Eligibility
  • Charges
  • All Visa/ Master/ Maestro Cards accepted (Domestic/ International/ Chip cards).
  • Choice of fixed and wireless terminals.
  • No installation charges.
  • Flexible rate structure, no hidden charges.
  • T+1 credit to merchant account.
  • Avoids the risk of handling cash.
  • Retrieval of transactional data as per customer requirement.
  • Free email statements
  • Customized MIS reports
  • Call Center support
  • Loan facility against sales numbers
  • Applicant should be valid Business establishment with a track record of 6 months or more in the present line of business who must  be able to furnish proof for their track record.  
  • Should have Current Account with Federal Bank.
  • All charges as per merchant agreement with bank shall apply.
  • No installation/ Annual maintenance charges.
  • Free consumable supply.
  • Free email statement containing transaction details tailored as per merchant requirement.
  • GPRS terminals require a monthly rent of Rs: 1000/-.
  • No other hidden charges apply.
  • Flexible rate structure.