Merchant Banking


Federal Bank offers Merchant Banking services for its customers.

  • Payment of instruments at all our branches
  • 100% online status of instruments/MIS/reconciliation at any point of time.

Services Offered

Issue Management Services

Management of issues refers to effective marketing of corporate securities viz., equity shares, preference shares and debentures or bonds by offering them to public. We offer following services as part of issue management.
  • Acting as Managers to the issue.
  • Bankers to the issue.
  • Acceptance of Applications and Application money.
  • Acceptance of allotment money.
  • Remittance for Calls.

Credit Syndication

Credit Syndication refers to obtaining of loans from single development finance institution or a syndicate or consortium. We assist our corporate clients to raise syndicated loans from commercials banks.

Promotional Activities

We help the entrepreneurs in conceiving an idea, identification of projects, preparing feasibility reports, obtaining Government approvals and incentives etc.

Project Counselling

It includes preparation of projects reports, deciding upon the financing pattern, appraising the project relating to its technical, commercial and financial viability.

Portfolio Management

This refers to the effective management of Securities i.e., the bank helps the investor in matters pertaining to investment decisions. Taxation and inflation are taken into account while advising on investment in different securities. We also undertake the function of buying and selling of securities on behalf of their client companies. Investments are done in such a way that it ensures maximum returns and minimum risk.


  • The Scheme ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) is a process for applying to public/rights issues submitted by investors by blocking the application money in their bank account while subscribing to the issue.
  • Application money remains in investor's account till allotment is finalized and continues to earn interest on the application money in SB Account till the amount is transferred to the Registrars on allotment.
  • No need to write Cheques and DD towards application money. Investors need not bother about refunds as money remains in the account and once allotment is made the required money for the allotment will be paid to the company/issuer/Registrars.
  • Any amount blocked will be subsequently released. 
  • ASBA Facility is available to all Federal Bank customers. To know more, please click here. 

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