API Banking

Federal api banking

Federal Bank has always been a pioneer in introducing various technology initiatives in the Banking Industry and has a decade long experience in developing and integrating APIs. The Bank offers a robust API Banking platform, extending a wide array of API services to various FinTechs, Corporates and Technology companies. The platform helps to readily access various banking services through APIs, in an open and secure environment. Federal Bank is the go-to Bank for start-ups and FinTechs , to integrate APIs that paves way to innovate new products technologically to solve various challenges.
Federal Bank's Remittance APIs handle more than 1/6th of India's total foreign inward remittances.There are various other applications that include Fund Transfer, UPI, Smart Collection, Payment Links, Digital Loans, Account opening etc. which opens up numerous opportunities for Innovation and collaboration.
The Bank has deployed a futuristic and scalable API infrastructure with dedicated Tech teams, that ensures integrations in a flawless and time-bound manner.Growing number of API integrations and Fintech partnerships stand testimony to the Bank's capability in this domain.
For more information, sign-up at our Developer portal https://developer.federalbank.co.in and connect our APIs.