Gold Loan Interest Rates

Gold Loan Interest Rates

You can avail Gold loans from Federal Bank at interest rates as low as 8.99% onwards. For more details, please visit the nearest branch.


Gold Loan Interest Calculator

Use our calculator to calculate the amount you need to pay per month towards your gold loan repayment, based on the Principal Loan Amount, Interest Rate and Loan Term

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The calculation performed by calculator is based on the information you provided and is for illustrative purposes only. This calculation reflects amounts in Indian Rupee and estimated monthly payments do not include any processing or other possible fees. All loan figures are subject to credit approval from the bank. Your actual payment information may vary. Kindly contact or visit your nearest branch for exact details.

Equated Monthly Installment (EMI)


Total Interest Payable


Total Payment (Principal + Interest)


Frequently Asked Questions- Gold Loan Interest Rates

Frequently Asked Questions- Gold Loan Interest Rates

1. What is Interest rates for Federal Bank Gold Loans?

The interest rate on your gold loan varies depending upon the gold loan scheme. Latest interest rates are published above.

2. Can I foreclose or prepay my Gold Loan?

Yes, you can foreclose or prepay your gold loan

3. Can I partially repay the Gold loan amount?

Yes, you can make part-payment. However, the gold ornaments pledged with Bank will be released only after the entire outstanding amount is repaid.

4. How can I repay the Gold loan amount?

You can repay your Gold loan amount as bullet payment or as installments. 

5. What are the factors affecting gold loan interest rates?

 Factors like inflation, demand of the gold across the globe, jewellery market conditions within India, equation of Rupee and Dollar, Regulatory policy changes etc can affect the interest rates of gold loan.