FedHive is an important milestone in Federal Bank’s CX journey of being an organisation which is Digital at the Fore and Human at the Core.


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FedHive is the digital war room of Federal Bank which monitors digital moments, automate brand’s response, reputation, and social media management with advanced features like Social Listening, Brand Monitoring, Competition Benchmarking, Sentiment Analysis, and Crisis Management. 

Through social Listening, the brand captures relevant online conversations in real-time, diligently sorts and handles incoming queries, improves response and engagement rates that leads to deeper understanding of the audience base, deliver actionable insights to enhance market research and generate new opportunities for sales and service. 

FedHive helps to listen, analyse and engage with users across all social media platforms on a real-time basis. Brand activity, social trends, customer sentiment and online behaviour, share of voice, social reputation, brand performance, competition benchmarking, influencer mentions, geographic & demographic data and more are captured in FedHive through the power of advanced social listening.