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Online Tax Payment Via FedNet

FedNet makes it possible all Federal bank customers to pay their Direct and Indirect taxes online - effortlessly and securely.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Who can register ?
  • How to register ?
  • Types of Tax Payments
  • Making Payments
  • Ease of operation and convenience.
  • No fee for tax payment
  • Simple consolidated menu
  • Personalized and secure remittance
  • Facility is available 24x7x365 basis.
  • Remittance can be made on behalf of the firm, company and others, provided the PAN / TAN / Assessee code is registered.
  • Cyber Receipt in the form of Challan including CIN can be downloaded / printed for record.
All Federal bank customers are eligible to register for the online tax payment via Fednet. Subject to the following conditions:
  • Savings / Current / Other Accounts with FedNet transaction facility
  • Valid PAN / TAN / ASSESSEE code
  • Registration of PAN / TAN / ASSESSEE code with FedNet
  • Present limit for transactions through FedNet is Rs.30,000/- per day. For higher limits, you have to submit "Application Form for Higher Limits" to your Branch.



  • You will be required to do a one-time registration for CBDT / CBEC e-Payments with PAN / TAN / Assessee Code and other details like Name, Address, etc. Login to FedNet with your user name and password
  • Each PAN / TAN / Assessee Code has to be registered separately
  • The details provided during registration will then be verified by the Bank. It may take a maximum of two working days.
  • Customers would then receive an email stating whether the registration was approved or rejected along with reasons
  • After successful registration, customers can start making online payment of taxes
  • This is a 24 x 7 x 365 facility and as such you can make payment at any time of your convenience.
  • All the payments executed by you in a day will be accounted for on the next working day.
  • Income Tax
  • Corporation Tax - Tax on Companies and Tax Deducted at Source from Companies
  • Interest Tax and Expenditure Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Wealth Tax
  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT)
  • Banking Cash Transaction Tax (BCTT)
  • Other Tax Deducted or collected at source (TDS or TCS) on salaries of employees, interest on Fixed Deposits, Vendor Payments, Rent etc.
  • Any other Direct Tax including Advance Tax
  • Central Excise duty
  • Service Tax
  • Login to FedNet with username and password
  • Select "Pay your Tax" from "Pay Bills" Menu
  • Select the relevant challan applicable to your payment and then select the PAN / TAN / Assessee Code from the drop down list.
  • The challan form will be loaded with details of PAN / TAN / Assessee Code, Name and Address. You have to fill in the details such as Tax Major Head, Minor Head (or Account code), Assessment Year / Financial year, nature of payment and Amount with break-up etc.
  • Ensure that all the details entered in the challan are correct and confirm payment by selecting the Submit / Insert button.
  • Payments executed by you will be credited to the Govt account only on the next working day
  • The copy of the accepted challans with the "Challan Index Number" (CIN - with the BSR code of the remitting Branch, Date of Payment and the Challan No) will be available within 2-3 working days from the date of payment. You can then download the challans from FedNet.

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