Corporate FedMobile


FedCorp is our Mobile Banking application that caters to transactional needs of our SME and Corporate customers. Using this application, a business entity can manage banking transactions at their convenience without visiting the Bank. This convenient and secure app helps to access their accounts, view balances, Funds Transfers (Intra Bank, NEFT & IMPS), manage beneficiaries and much more. This is a 24X7 service which can be accessed anywhere anytime. The app is having so many exciting features like paperless current account process for better smoothening of business transactions with updated transaction limits.
This service can be utilized by customer accounts under:
  • Sole Proprietorship Firms 
  • Partnership Firms 
  • Public/ Private Limited Companies 
  • Societies 
  • Trust 
  • Associations 
  • HUF


Easy Registration process

Registration for Corporate FedMobile can be done through the mobile app itself.   Any of the two Onetime passwords send to the authorized users of the App will be authenticated for submitting the application.  This makes the registration more secure.  A simple signed board resolution/letter of authorization to be submitted at the branch completed the User ID configuration.

Multiuser approval

Set as many users as required for managing the accounts. Under the corporate-id, each user can have individual user-ids. To log on, the corporate-id, user-id and password have to be keyed in.  Once MPIN is set, subsequent log in can be done using the 6 digit MPIN with ease. 

App Notifications

Get real time app notifications of transactions pending with you and also transactions done by other users of the Company.  

Manage Beneficiaries

Payee Management can be done with the approval of all the authorized users of the Company.  Once a payee is added, further fund transfers can be made with single tap. 

Quick Pay & Fund Transfer

Payments can be made even without adding the payees using quick pay option.  Funds transfer can be made through NEFT & IMPS along with intra bank transfers. 


  1. Entity should maintain Current, Savings or OD/ CC accounts with the bank in Non individual constitution. Individual account customers can use the existing FedMobile app itself.
  2. Account should be active and KYC Compliant.
  3. Proposed FedCorp users of the account (i.e. Individuals designated to operate the account/ related party) should be KYC compliant.
  4. Mobile number should be updated for all proposed users.
  5. In the case of Sole Proprietorship concern, as proprietor and proprietorship concern have the same PAN, FedCorp registration will be allowed in the capacity of Proprietor only.
  6. For all accounts other than Sole propreitorship firms-FedCorp users for this accounts will be considered based on the Relation type of user with the account. 
  7. No two authorized users should have same mobile number updated in the system.
  8. Mode of Operations -Single, Joint and E (or) S will be allowed.

Transaction Limits

  • Quick Pay (Per Transaction) = Rs 1,00,000/- (For both Intra Bank and Inter Bank)
  • Fund Transfer (Per Transaction) = Rs 10,00,000/- (For both Intra Bank and Inter Bank)
  • Fund Transfer (Per Day) = Rs 30,00,000/- (For both Intra Bank and Inter Bank)
  • Fund Transfer (Per Month) = Rs 500,00,000/- (For both Intra Bank and Inter Bank)

Documents Required

  • Corporate FedMobile application form - For Sole propreitorship accounts (Offline registration)
  • Corporate FedMobile application form + Signed Board Resolution – For Companies, Societies, Associations & Others
  • Corporate FedMobile application form + Signed Letter of Authorization – For Partnership Firms 
  • Corporate FedMobile application form + Signed Letter of Authorization – For HUF

How to Register?

Sole Proprietorships having Debit Card on individual's name will be able to activate their FedCorp application instantly.
Both Online and Offline processes are available in iOS and android application. You can register for Corporate FedMobile through the mobile app itself. Follow simple steps to register.
  1. Enter corporate account number and registered mobile number.
  2. An OTP will be sent to customer via SMS. If the customer does not receive the SMS, they can use IVR. 
  3. Once the customer receives the OTP successfully, he/she will have to enter the OTP and confirm the same.
  4. The customer can set MPIN. This MPIN will be used by the customer to login to their FedCorp application and required to remember it.
  5. Once the MPIN is set by the customer, they will be required to Login to FedCorp with the same MPIN.
  6. As the customer is logged in, there will be an app tour in which the customer will get the information about the features and functionalities of the FedCorp.
  7. After the customer has gone through the app tour, they will be asked to activate their FedCorp.
Sole Proprietorships not having debit card on individual's name and other constitutions like Public/Private Companies, Associations, Societies etc. - They will be required to visit the branch for verification of the required documents. The customer will have to visit the branch and get the necessary documents verified. After successful verification, the customer will receive the token number. The customer should enter the token number in Fedcorp app and the application will be activated. 

Terms and Conditions

For terms and conditions of Corporate FedMobile usage, please click here.