Concierge Service

Concierge Service

Federal Bank Concierge Contact Details

  • Phone number - 1800-258-2566 or +91-40-67284302
  • Email id -
  • Monday – Saturday 9am to 6pm 


Federal Bank Concierge is an on-call premium service provided to Celesta cardholders. It is dedicated to assist you in your travel, shopping, recreational engagements or any other similar requirements.

A few services are detailed below.

1. Hotel Referral and Reservation Assistance

From Five-star luxury to boutique charm and holiday resort tranquility - find your perfect stay. To know more about hotels and holiday resorts in major cities and to make reservations, give us a call.

2. Flight Information and Ticketing Assistance

Pick your destination and fly hassle-free at any given time. To know the schedule of airlines in major cities or any other information related to flights and tickets, contact us. We can make reservations on your behalf as per your request.

3. Luxury Car Rental and Limousine Referral and Reservation Assistance

Whether off the beaten track or on it, you’ll always ride in style. Call us to get more information about the luxury car/bike rental and limousine companies in major cities and place a booking request now! Please note that luxury car rentals must be booked at least 4 days in advance.

4. Pre-trip Inoculation and Visa Requirement Information

From documentation to health certifications, get all the assistance you need to travel safely and worry-free.

5. Airport Limousine Concierge

Let comfort and luxury be your constant travel companions. Book your limo to and/or from the airport and ride in style. We request you to book Airport limousine services at least 4 days in advance.

6. Airport VIP Assistance Programe

Get Airport VIP assistance with services like luggage and immigration clearances. Call us to place a booking request at least 7 days in advance.

7. Airport Lounge Access

Enjoy exclusivity even in the busiest of places. Get details and make reservations in selected airport lounges by giving us a call.

8. Airport Meet and Greet Services

Enjoy the airport meet and greet services with us. Place your booking request with our agent to avail the service. Please note that bookings must be made 10 days in advance.

9. Currency Rates and Conversions

No matter where in the world you are, currency will never be a concern. Get information about currency exchange partners in major cities at Federal Concierge Service.

10. Trip Planning and Assistance

Plan a globetrotting adventure, with all the information you need at your fingertips. Get contacts details of travel and tour partners in major cities or allow us to make a booking on your behalf.

11. Overseas Language/Translation Support

Be heard, be understood, wherever in the world you go. We can help you in providing information about Overseas Language & Translation Support companies, and also assist in making any necessary arrangements.

12. Sightseeing and Destination Recommendations

Want to know the must-sees and should-do activities at every destination? Get contact details of travel and tour partners in major cities by calling us.

13. Luxury Yacht and Cruise Information and Reservations

A luxurious holiday on the ocean is now smooth sailing. Contact our agent to get information about Luxury Yacht and Cruise liner operators in major cities as well as Departure or Arrival times. We can also help you with the bookings.

1. Golf Course Referral and Reservation Assistance

We can help you in providing information about golf courses available around you and in making reservations on your behalf. Kindly place the booking request at least 7 days in advance.

2. Golf Lessons Information

Take a swing at golf lessons. To know more golf lessons near you and to book a session, call us. Bookings for golf course services must be made at least 7 days in advance.

3. Golf Equipment and Apparel

Get your golf game on in style. All the information about golf equipment and apparel partners available in major cities is just a call away.

4. Golf Events Assistance

Be part of major golfing events happening around you. Allow us to assist you with information regarding major golf events and making reservation on your behalf.

1. Arts and Antiques Dealers Information Assistance

Find signature pieces and priceless frames to appeal to the collector and connoisseur in you. Call us and get more information about Art and Antiques partners in major cities.

2. Flower and Gift Delivery Assistance

Convey a special message using more than just words. Say it with flowers or a gift. To get information about Flower and Gifting partners in major cities or to book Flower and Gift deliveries on your behalf. Please note that Flower and Gift delivery booking requests must be made at least 7 days in advance.

3. Jewellery and Watches Referral Assistance

Image is everything. Find the perfect reflection of your style. We can help with the information about Jewellery and Watches in major cities.

4. Major Shopping Belts/Locations Information

Indulge in retail therapy at the best shopping hubs. We provide information about major shopping belts and locations in major cities.

5. Spa, Fitness Centre and Sports centre Information and Referral Assistance

Avail the best facilities to stay fit, in form and rejuvenated. Get information about Spa, Fitness and Sports Centres in major cities in just one call. We can also assist you in making bookings for Spa, Fitness and Sports Centres on your behalf. Bookings must be made at least 4 days in advance.

1. Courier Service Assistance

Send off a last-minute package or carefully planned delivery with ease. Call us and get information about courier partners in major cities.

2. Translation Services

Enjoy the comfort of someone who speaks your language. Get information about translation support partners in major cities in just one call.

1. Event Planning

Have your celebrations planned to a tee and make them as unique as you. We can help you in providing information about event-planning partners in major cities.

2. Pet Care Assistance

Call us and get information about pet care partners in major cities.

3. Massage and Aromatherapy Services

Unwind, de-stress and treat your senses to expert professional care. To get more information about massage and aromatherapy partners in major cities and to make reservations, call us. Kindly place your massage and aromatherapy services booking request at least 7 days in advance.

Concierge services - Additional Information

Concierge services - Additional Information

Concierge services are available exclusively to Federal Bank Celesta Debit Card customers (BIN numbers 555915, 515630 & 453795).
The customer can pay for services availed with their Federal Rewards points and with their Federal Bank Celesta Debit Card.
A convenience fee of 2% of service cost or INR 500 whichever is lower (exclusive of taxes) will be applicable on the service bookings.
Refer to our T&C and FAQ document for more information.