Ask Feddy

‘FEDDY’ is an AI powered Virtual Assistant by Federal Bank. It is backed by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to help customers with banking related queries 24x7. FEDDY is equipped to answer all your queries on the go.

FEDDY can provide information related to-

  1. Account Balance Enquiry (WhatsApp)
  2. Account Statement (WhatsApp)
  3. Opening a Bank Account
  4. Generating Account Statements & Interest Certificates
  5. Downloading FedMobile or activating Internet Banking
  6. Updating your KYC 
  7. Different type of loans such as Gold Loan, Home Loan etc
  8. Debit card related queries
  9. Finding out our nearest Branch/ATM or IFSC or SWIFT codes of those branches
  10. Or just any other banking related query

When bored, FEDDY can even cheer you up with a joke. Just ask FEDDY “Hey tell me a joke"

FEDDY can be accessed via Alexa, Google Assistant, corporate website & WhatsApp.


Account Balance Enquiry and Account Statement

You can now get your account balance and account statement over WhatsApp through FEDDY when you follow the below steps:

  1. Send Hi to FEDDY on WhatsApp.

(Go to “FEDDY on WhatsApp” section of this page for information on how to activate FEDDY over WhatsApp.)

  1. Ask FEDDY,” How much money do I have left in my bank account?” or simply “What is my account balance?” or “I need my account statement”; Feddycan recognize them all!
  2. Just a sec!....authorization and authentication will be completed.
  3. Get your account balance or account statement right there on WhatsApp.


Live Agent Functionality in FEDDY

You can now chat with a Live Agent through FEDDY on channels such as Website, WhatsApp and Google Maps & Search when you follow the below steps:

  1. FEDDY will connect you to an agent if it is unable to respond to you with the desired accuracy or if sufficient information is not available or simply ask FEDDY “Connect me to an agent”.
  2. Enter your mobile number and the OTP which is sent on the mobile number.
  3. Upon successful verification, you will join the queue.
  4. Once an agent becomes available, you will be connected to that agent.
  5. Get you queries clarified at the tip of your fingers.


FEDDY on Google Maps and Google Search

You can access FEDDY on Google Maps and Google Search through your mobile device, when you follow the below steps:

  1. When you search for a Federal Bank branch on Google Maps or Google Search
  2. Click on the card that appears related to the branch and then click on “Message/Chat” option.
  3. Voila! FEDDY will be there to answer all your queries.


FEDDY on Alexa

To access FEDDY on Alexa please follow the below steps-

  1. Download Alexa App
  2. Open Alexa App and navigate to “More” at the bottom right and select “Skills and games”
  3. Visit the tab named ‘Categories’ at the top. Under ‘All Categories’ select ‘Business and Finance’
  4. Search ‘Federal Bank’s FEDDY’ or sort the result by Release Date to see Federal Bank’s FEDDY
  5. Click on “Enable to use” button to enable the skill

Now you can say any one of the following to start interacting with FEDDY:

Alexa, Open Federal Bank

Alexa, Ask Federal Bank

Alexa, launch Federal Bank


FEDDY on Google Assistant

To access FEDDY on Google Assistant, open the Assistant & say “ Talk to Federal Bank”.

FEDDY can be accessed via our corporate website & WhatsApp.


FEDDY on Corporate Website

To access FEDDY, click on FEDDY's image on the bottom right-hand corner of our website. A chat window will pop up, just enter your name and start typing your query. 


FEDDY on WhatsApp

To access FEDDY via WhatsApp, SMS FEDDY to 8108030845 from your registered mobile number. You will receive an SMS with a link to access FEDDY via WhatsApp. Click on the link & you will be redirected to WhatsApp with a chat window named as ‘Federal Bank Ltd’. Start typing your query in the same window to chat with FEDDY.

Alternatively, all the Resident account holders can  give a missed call on 8095500077 to receive a link to access FEDDY via WhatsApp.