Features & Benefits

Federal Bank has a wide network of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) that cater your needs 24x7. You can avail the following services from these ATMs.
Cash Withdrawal
Fast Cash
Balance Inquiry
PIN Change
Cash & Cheque Deposits
Funds Transfer to own accounts
Mini Statement – Last five transactions
Card-to-Card (C2C) Transfer
Soft Pin Facility - To activate / reset your debit card PIN

ATM cum CDM- Cash machine

Federal Bank has introduced ATM cum CDM- Cash machines at select branches which facilitates remittance and withdrawal of cash on real time basis to customers' accounts on a 24x7 time frame, i.e. even beyond the business hours of the Bank.



  • Card less cash deposit
  • Card based cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal (card based)
  • Funds transfer ( Card to Card & to linked accounts)
  • Balance enquiry, mini statement, PIN change


  • For cash deposit, a maximum of 200 currency notes can be deposited at a time.
  • Cash deposit permitted to current and savings (Resident & Non- Resident Ordinary) accounts.
  • Cash deposit not permitted to loans and non-resident external accounts.
  • For cash withdrawal, a maximum of 40 currency notes can be withdrawn at a time.
  • Cash machine will accept and dispense cash in denominations of Rs.100/-, Rs.500/- and Rs.2000/-.

Soft PIN facility

Soft PIN facility to activate / Reset your debit card PIN

Keeping up with the constant stream of changes in the digital space, Bank has introduced various tech products to improve level of satisfaction and positive experience to our customers. We have enabled Soft PIN facility for providing better convenience to our customers. Soft PIN replaces printed ‘PIN- Mailers' and this can be generated by the customers themselves through ATMs.Soft Pin can be generated by the customers themselves through ATMs. No waiting time. No loss in transit. All customers who have registered their mobile number with Bank can use this facility. 

To know more about Soft PIN facility, please click here

Card to Card Fund Transfer (C2C)

C2C - Card to Card Transfer is an innovative facility introduced by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) enabling fund transfer between debits cards through ATM. Through C2C, customers can transfer fund from their debit card to any debit card across the country, irrespective of Bank and Account numbers by visiting our ATMs. The sender needs to know only the beneficiary debit card number.


Instant Fund Transfer using debit card number of beneficiary
Beneficiary account number / IFSC not needed
Debit Cardholder can use any NFS member bank ATM (who have enrolled for the service) to transfer funds.
Cardholder authentication would take place using debit card and pin.
Transaction is processed through existing NFS network.
Simple, secured and convenient to transfer funds with 24 x 7 availability on all ATMs of the participating Banks.

ATM Security Tips

Follow our tips to make ATM transactions a simpler, safer and faster experience for you:


  1. Collect cash from the cash slot when cash is presented. Cash will not be retracted in to the ATM, hence kindly wait for 2-3 minutes in case cash is not dispensed immediately.
  2. It is advisable to change PIN at the first instance itself for enhanced security. We strongly advocate not using pins similar to 0000/5555/1234.,etc for your security. Our ATMs are set not to accept such PIN’s.
  3. Sign on the Card immediately on the receipt to avoid misuse of unsigned cards.
  4. Contact Branch Manager or Contact Centre if any assistance is required.
  5. Report loss of card to branch or immediately by calling 1800 420 1199/ 1800 425 1199 (National Toll Free), +91 484 263 0994/ 5 (for customer's abroad). Mobile Banking users can login to FedMobile > Card Management > Block this card permanently.
  6. Internet Banking users can login to FedNet > Debit Card Services > Block Debit Card.


  1. Do not keep PIN and Card together.
  2. Do not reveal your PIN to anyone else.
  3. Do not write your PIN on the card.
  4. Do not entrust card to others for ATM operation.
  5. Do not dispose statements, charge slips and bank mails without destroying.
  6. Do not enter ATM cabin in groups.
  7. Do not allow the card to be taken out of your sight in a merchant location.
  8. Do not allow yourself to be distracted in any way while using the ATM.
  9. Do not wear helmet/cap when you are entering in to the ATM cabin.


  1. Avoid taking 'Help' extended for carrying out ATM operations.
  2. Be cautious on anything strange and suspicious about ATM machine or the premises like signs of tampering or attachment or additional fixtures etc.
  3. Verify the statement of accounts periodically.
  4. Exercise caution on unsolicited calls / e-mails relating to the ATM card.
  5. In the case of Federal Bank customers if money is not received but account is debited. Please contact call centre or the concerned branch of Federal Bank. Federal Bank customers may visit Fed-e-Point to lodge complaint online and status check.
  6. In the case of other bank customers, please contact the call centre of the concerned Bank/ Bank branches.

Report Complaints

If you have any complaints related to ATM transactions;

  1. You may visit Fed-e-Point to lodge complaint online and status check.
  2. You may please report it to your branch. The application form for registering the complaint can be downloaded from here.

Important Information on failed ATM transactions

  1. Complaints of customers on failed ATM transactions involving non-dispensation or partial dispensation of cash at ATMs should be submitted in the prescribed format available at the ATM site or at the card issuing bank branch. The Complaint duly signed by the card holder is to be submitted at the card issuing bank branch where his/her account is maintained. Federal Bank customers may visit Fed-e-Point to lodge complaint online and status check.
  2. The time limit for resolution of customer complaints on failed ATM transactions is 5 calendar days from the date of receipt of the duly signed complaint at the card issuing bank branch.
  3. As per RBI directives, the 5 free ATM transactions permitted per month to SB account holders of other banks are inclusive of all types of transactions, financial or non-financial.
  4. All disputes on failed ATM transactions shall be settled by the issuing bank and the acquiring bank only through the ATM system provider and no bilateral settlement arrangement outside the dispute resolution mechanism available with the system provider is permissible.
  5. Amount of ATM withdrawal by other bank customers is limited to Rs 10, 000/- per transaction.


  • What is an ATM (Automated Teller Machine)?

Automated Teller Machine is an electronic banking outlet that enables customers to complete basic banking without actually visiting a branch.

  • What are the types of services and facilities available at Federal Bank ATMs ?

Please click here to view the services.

  • What are the types of cards accepted at Federal Bank ATMs?

Rupay, VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club International, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, Cirrus, Maestro.

  • How to do transaction in an ATM?

To do a transaction, user has to insert the card in the slot provided and enters their PIN ( Personal Identification Number)

  • Can we use other bank ATM cards at Federal Bank ATMs?

Yes. Cards issued by other banks are accepted at Federal Bank ATMs.

  • What is a Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

Personal Identification Number (PIN) is unique password number that is required to operate an ATM card

  • What should be done in case the customer forgets their PIN?

Please click here to view the steps to generate new PIN or contact their corresponding card issuing branches.

  • What should be done in case the card is stolen or lost?

Report loss of card to branch or immediately by calling 1800 420 1199/ 1800 425 1199 (National Toll Free), +91 484 263 0994/ 5 (for customer's abroad). Mobile Banking users can login to FedMobile > Card Management > Block this card permanently.  Internet Banking users can login to FedNet > Debit Card Services > Block Debit Card.

  • What is the maximum limit of cash withdrawal for Federal Bank cards?

Please click here to view the cash withdrawal limit of various cards issued by federal bank.

  • Does banks levy service charge for use of other bank ATMs?

Please click here to view the revised service charges.

  • What has to be done in case where the amount is debited from the account but the cash was not dispensed?

Customer may lodge a complaint with the card issuing bank. This is applicable even when the transaction was carried out at other bank’s ATM. Federal Bank customers may visit Fed-e-Point to lodge complaint online and status check.

  • What is the maximum time period within which the amount is re-credited to the account in case of the above the scenario?

RBI instructs the banks to re-credit the unsuccessful debit within a maximum of 5 working days.

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