Remittance From Hong Kong

Rupee Remittance from Japan to India via Speed Money Transfer Japan K.K

Speed Money Transfer Japan K.K. ( SMTJ) has been incorporated and established in Japan specifically to be engaged in the money transfer business. Speed Money Transfer Japan K.K. received its remittance license from Japan's financial regulator on April 11, 2011 and opened for remittance business on May 1, 2011. SMTJ prides itself as a company for the migrant workers, by the migrant workers.

Federal Bank has tied up with SMTJ to provide  instant account credit in Indian Rupees in a reliable and cost effective manner. 


  • The cost for the service is as low as JPY 500 per transaction 
  • Best exchange rates in the market. 
  • Trade transaction upto 15 lakhs INR 
  • All type of remittance to India from Japan to NRE/Resident accounts with almost all Bank account in India.

Mode of remittance

  • Using IOS/Android mobile app.
  • Visit any of SMTJ's branches in Tokyo – Kinshicho (Head office) & Roppongi branch and Nagoya in Sakae.
  • Do Bank Transfer deposit and Genkin Kakitome

SWIFT Wire Transfer

SWIFT is the most popular mode of money transfer in the world. Our customers can send money from any part of the world through SWIFT. It is the most popular mode of money transfer in the world. To facilitate remittance through SWIFT, Federal bank has correspondent banking relationship with all major banks in the world.

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