Rupee Remittance via Transfer Easy Pty ltd ( Using SingX Platform)

Transfer Easy Pty Ltd, Singapore uses an online remittance platform – SingX. The platform enables Singapore based NRIs to transfer Remittance in a quicker and economical way. SingX platform offers consumers a quicker and more cost effective online remittance solution for transferring money from Singapore to India. The company targets remittances from both Individuals and small businesses offering them a number of compelling benefits.

Key Benefits of using Sing X platform for remittance to India


Guaranteed Savings versus banks and existing Money Transfer operators, who levy hidden charges (cable fees and commissions) and mark up the exchange rates. Some even claim to have zero fees, but mark ups unknown to you still exist
Fair and Transparent rates SingX, on the other hand, offers live interbank exchange rates. These are rates at which banks exchange money with each other, rates consumers did not enjoy until now. SingX charges a small fee which is told to you upfront
Convenient and Easy You can do money transfers from anywhere including from the comfort of your home. There's no need to make a special trip to your bank, wait in queues, fill up cumbersome forms or to be present in person to sign
Quick transfers Enjoy the benefit of same day transfers


It's really simple to sign up 

  • Log into www.singx.co and complete your registration. Please be prepared to load the following documents :
i.        The front and back of your Singapore ID card
ii.        Proof of address# ( not applicable to Citizens and PRs)
  • Schedule a face to face meeting with the SingX staff
  • Start enjoying guaranteed savings and same day transfers

Two modes of payment are enabled for this:

i.        Net Banking transfer 

ii.        Nets - a method to pull money direct from customer's account in Singapore.


For more details please visit http://www.singx.co/singx/#/


*Transfer Easy Pte Ltd ( TEPL) :TEPL is a group company of SingX. TEPL is regulated as a remittance business (License number RA No. 01492) by The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

# Proof of address : Please provide either a credit card statement  or utility bill or bank statement ( not more than 3 months old). If you are new to Singapore you can even provide a copy of your tenancy contract