Remittance from New Zealand to India

Remittance from New Zealand to India

You can send funds to India from New Zealand through the best-in-class option of Rupee Remittance via OrbitRemit as well as via SWIFT Wire Transfer using correspondent bank - ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited.

Rupee Remittance from New Zealand to India via OrbitRemit

OrbitRemit’s mission is to provide fast, low-cost international transfers to allow more of their customers money to get where it’s needed most. When it comes to sending money overseas, they prioritize speed and safety while keeping costs low. OrbitRemit has got presence in other countries like Australia & UK and currently operates to around 39 countries worldwide.

Key Features

  • Fast, secure and cost effective.
  • Convenient and Easy sign up and fund transfer process.
  • Nominal fund transfer fee.
  • Trade transactions permitted; up to Rs.15.00 L per transaction.

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