Federal Kisan Suvidha

Features & Benefits


Purpose of Federal Suvidha loan is to meet investment credit requirement (excluding allied activities) of the farmer like irrigation, land development, minor irrigation, replacement of farm assets, plantation & horticulture, fencing, construction of shed, farm house, labour quarters, water tanks, farm mechanization, purchase of agri equipments etc.
Minimal paperwork 
Hassle free processing 

Loan Amount

Loan amount shall be 75 to 85 % of the estimated cost/ actual cost incurred based on  finalized project plans/ estimates submitted for completed (not older than one year), ongoing and proposed (to be completed within one year) activities.

Other Terms & Conditions


  • Maximum period of Federal Suvidha Loan is 84 months.

Primary Security

  • Hypothecation of crops and all other movable assets created out of finance. 
  • Mortgage of developmental land

Collateral Security

  • Mortgage of developmental land

Interest Rates & Charges

Please visit the rates and charges page for details

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