Check out various types of Personal, NRI and Business Banking cards offered by Federal Bank.

Debit Cards for Residents

Explore more about ATM Cum Debit Cards offered by Federal Bank to enjoy the seemless benefits on your cash withdrawals, shopping, travel, dining and much more.

Debit Cards for NRIs

Federal Bank offers a complete range of International Debit Cards for our NRI customers. These are cards come with unique designs, enhanced limits and power packed features. International Debit cards can be used in millions of POS terminals all over the world for shopping and withdrawal of cash from your account through any ATM in any country accepting VISA Cards.

Business Debit Cards

Explore new dimensions in your business with our business debit cards for SME and Corporate customers which are designed for catering the needs of mid-sized and large business.

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Debit Cards Vs Credit Cards

Both Credit Cards and Debit Cards are part of our financial system. They will help you to make convenient purchases in stores as well as online. Know more about differences between Debit Cards and Credit Cards.

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How to choose the right Debit Card?

Various factors such as rewards programmes, fees and security features should be taken into account when selecting the best debit card. By comparing these features, one can select a debit card that best suits their needs and preferences.

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Prevent your Credit Card from unauthorised use

Credit cards are widely used to make online and offline purchases due to their convenience and ease of use. However, the risk of unauthorised transactions and credit card fraud has also increased with the increasing use of credit cards. 

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How to use Credit Cards Wisely ?

Using your Credit Cards wisely is a skill that should be developed by every cardholder to avoid falling into debt traps. To avoid this, we have a list of practical tips that will help in better usage of credit cards.

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How to Apply for Federal Bank Credit Card Online?

Credit cards are an essential part of our lives. Federal Bank offers a range of credit cards that are tailored to suit the needs of different customers. 

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Everything you should know about Add-On Credit Cards

An Add-On Credit Card is an extra credit card issued against an individual’s primary credit card. It is a supplementary credit card, which is helpful for individuals who are students or who have just secured their first job.

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How to use a Debit Card safely and securely?

The convenience that debit cards provide comes with the risks of fraud and identity theft, emphasising the importance of using such cards securely and safely. Learn more about how to avoid debit card frauds and maintain the safety of funds.

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Lost your federal bank card? Here are the ways to block it.

With Federal Bank, there are a few different ways a cardholder can report a problem or block a card. These include using FedMobile(mobile banking), FedNet(internet banking), through an SMS, or through calling a contact centre or visiting a branch.

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Understand the Components of your Credit Card

Familiarise yourself with the various components of a credit card and gain a better understanding of the functioning of a credit card.

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Unlocking the Secret of Credit Card EMI- How to Buy Now and Pay Later

Credit card EMIs have gained popularity, especially for high-end purchases, allowing one to spread payments over time instead of a single upfront payment.

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Credit Card Debt Settlement Process- How it Works

Credit cards have become essential to our lives, and their benefits make them irresistible. Most of the population relies on these plastic cards for most purchases, and if used well, they can add to one’s savings.

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How to pay your Federal Bank Credit Card Bill ?

It important for every Federal Bank Credit cardholder to understand the different modes of paying their credit card bills efficiently to avoid defaulting on the same.

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