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Introduction of card controls for Debit Cards

To increase security of debit card transactions, RBI directed all banks to give card users the facility to themselves enable/disable their cards for different types transactions such as online, contact-less or international.

As per the guidelines, following changes will be introduced w.e.f 16th March 2020:
  • All new debit cards issued/re-issued will be by default enabled only for card present transactions i.e via physical swipes in point-of-sale terminals and ATMs. Card not present transactions such as e-commerce and contactless will be disabled. 
  • International transaction facility will be by default disabled for all new debit cards.   
  • In case of existing debit cards, cards which were never used for online, International or contactless transactions will be disabled for transactions through these modes.


How to enable/disable card features?

You can enable/disable security features of debit cards using any of the channels mentioned below.


  • FedMobile (Mobile Banking)
  • FedNet (Internet Banking)
  • Contact Us

Customers can login in FedMobile Manage debit cards and Enable/Disable the below three functionalities. 

  • Card ON/OFF
  • International ON/OFF

Download FedMobile 

Steps to be followed:

  • Customer shall login to FedNet and select ‘Debit Card ON/OFF’ from ‘Debit Card Services’
  • Customer shall select the debit card number from the drop-down list as mentioned below
  • Customer shall change the status to ON/OFF for the various debit card features as mentioned below and click on ‘Continue’ button
  • Customer shall enter the FedNet 2FA SMS/ code and submit the details
  • Customer will be shown the confirmation page with the status of ON/OFF requests

Register for FedNet 

Customers can also visit any nearest branch or contact call centre toll free number - 1800 420 1199/ 1800 425 1199 for effecting changes in debit cards.