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Introduction of card controls for Debit Cards

To increase security of debit card transactions, RBI directed all banks to give card users the facility to themselves enable/disable their cards for different types transactions such as online, contact-less or international.

As per the guidelines, following changes will be introduced w.e.f 16th March 2020:
  • All new debit cards issued/re-issued will be by default enabled only for card present transactions i.e via physical swipes in point-of-sale terminals and ATMs. Card not present transactions such as e-commerce and contactless will be disabled. 
  • International transaction facility will be by default disabled for all new debit cards.   
  • In case of existing debit cards, cards which were never used for online, International or contactless transactions will be disabled for transactions through these modes.


How to modify the debit card limits?

You can modify the daily limits of your debit card for Domestic/International transactions -

A. ATM withdrawal limit

B. POS (merchant outlets) limits

C. Online payment limits

D. Contactless payment limits

To set the limits using internet banking, log in to FedNet, select debit card limit.

Customers can visit their nearest branch to modify the card limits or also contact 04842866700, follow the instructions and modify their card limits.


How to enable/disable card features?

Customers can contact 04842866700, follow the instructions and enable/disable their card features.

You can enable/disable security features of debit cards using any of the channels mentioned below.


  • FedMobile (Mobile Banking)
  • FedNet (Internet Banking)
  • Contact Us

Customers can login in FedMobile Manage debit cards and Enable/Disable the below three functionalities. 

  • Card ON/OFF
  • International ON/OFF

Download FedMobile 

Steps to be followed:

  • Customer shall login to FedNet and select ‘Debit Card ON/OFF’ from ‘Debit Card Services’
  • Customer shall select the debit card number from the drop-down list as mentioned below
  • Customer shall change the status to ON/OFF for the various debit card features as mentioned below and click on ‘Continue’ button
  • Customer shall enter the FedNet 2FA SMS/ code and submit the details
  • Customer will be shown the confirmation page with the status of ON/OFF requests

Register for FedNet 

Customers can also visit any nearest branch or contact call centre toll free number - 1800 420 1199/ 1800 425 1199 for effecting changes in debit cards.