How to pay your Federal Bank Credit Card Bill


Credit cards are a very popular, convenient and flexible mode of making payments for purchases. They come with plenty of benefits, rewards, and the responsibility of making timely payments.

If the dues aren’t cleared in time, the lender could levy additional fees and interest charges, increasing the outstanding amount and harming the individual’s credit score. This makes it important for every credit card holder to understand the different modes of paying their Federal Bank credit card bills efficiently to avoid defaulting on the same.

There are various convenient options to pay Federal Bank Credit Card bills online and offline. They are:

1. Pay via FedMobile

Federal Bank has its mobile app, FedMobile, to pay credit card bills. It is perfect for those who use their mobile phones for every transaction, be it purchases, bill payments or other payments. The funds will get credited to the credit card on the same day.

The app must be downloaded on the device to use this service, post which these steps must be followed:

1. Log in and click the ‘Credit Card’ icon on the Home screen.

2. Enter the credit card number. Select the bank and enter details like the IFSC, cardholder name, and the amount and make your payment using various options available.

2. Pay via Payment Gateway

The Federal Bank Payment Gateway can pay credit card bills from accounts other than Federal Bank. The funds will get credited to the credit card in approximately three days. You must enter details like the credit card number, cardholder name, the amount, mobile, and email to make the payment.

3. Pay via Auto-Debit

For those who never remember the due dates of their credit card bills, Federal Bank offers the auto-debit facility to Federal Bank Savings or Current account holders. This facility can be easily set up by emailing the bank. This will ensure that no bill payments get missed!

4. Pay via NEFT

Federal Bank credit card bills can be paid from any other bank account through the NEFT mode. When the payment is made, the credit card number must be entered in the Account number section, and the IFSC code will be entered as FDRL00CARDS.

5. Pay via Over The Counter (Cash or Cheque)

Those who still prefer the traditional method of payment need not worry! Credit card bills can be paid over the counter at any Federal Bank branch. The payments can be made either by cash or cheque. The funds get credited to the credit card on the same day.

In conclusion, every credit card holder must know the various modes of payment for their credit card bills to ensure timely payment and avoid late fees. They can choose the mode of payment that is convenient to them, which will help in maintaining a healthy credit score.

Ultimately, a proactive approach will help individuals build a solid financial future.