Everything You Should Know About Add-On Credit Cards


Credit cards have become a popular mode of payment, not just due to the flexibility and convenience offered, but also due to the various benefits provided. Individuals cannot only manage their purchases and finances conveniently but can also earn rewards. However, securing a credit card isn’t easy, as only those who meet the eligibility criteria are offered one. A popular benefit that comes with owning a credit card is the option of an add-on credit card.


What are Add-On Credit Cards?

An Add-On Credit Card is an extra credit card issued against an individual’s primary credit card. It is a supplementary credit card, which is helpful for individuals who are students or who have just secured their first job.


How does the Add-On Credit Card Work?

Any individual who is a primary cardholder can easily apply for an Add-On Credit Card for either one's spouse, parents, or children (18 years and above). The add-on card will have the same features and benefits as the primary credit card. Depending on the bank, 3-5 add-on cards can be obtained by a single individual.

Credit Limit
The limit of the primary credit card is spread across the add-on cards. This means that each add-on credit card will have a credit limit that is equal to or lower than the primary card limit. This limit applies to ATM withdrawals too.

Transaction Details
The transactions on the add-on cards will reflect in the main credit card statement. This helps in monitoring the expenses.


Benefits of Add-On Credit Cards

An Add-On Credit Card may have several benefits like:

1. No joining fees are charged.

2. If the bank policy permits, one can get up to 5 add-on credit cards.

3. The same cash back and reward points as the main card apply to transactions made using the add-on card.

4. The card can be used internationally (online/offline).

5. It can be used for ATM withdrawals and is helpful during emergencies.

6. Access to the VIP airport lounge is provided with a few cards.


Important Things To Remember While Using Add-On Credit Cards

As an add-on card holder, there are a few important points that one must remember while using the card.

1. All transactions will appear in the statement of the primary credit card.

2. If the card is misused, the primary cardholder’s credit score will be negatively affected.

3. All expenses made using the add-on card get invoiced to the main account. Hence, the primary cardholder is responsible for the card payment.

4. Any interest or penalty charged on the add-on card is to be borne by the primary credit card holder.



In conclusion, an add-on credit card is a great way to share the credit facility amongst family members. Along with advantages like flexibility, convenience, and offering financial freedom to children, add-on credit cards also come with a few risks. This comprehensive guide will help individuals make well-informed decisions about whether the add-on credit card should be obtained or not.

One may visit the Federal Bank Website to know more about add-on credit cards.