Young Star Insurance Policy

Features & Benefits

1. No Capping on room rent

Treatment at Single Private A/C room  

2. Special Features for Gold Plan

Delivery Expenses and Hospital cash Benefit

3. Health Check-up

Cost of Health checkup for irrespective of claim  

4. Automatic restoration

Automatic restoration by 100% for subsequent hospitalization even for illness/disease for which claim/s was/were made  

5. Road Traffic Accident (RTA)

25% subject to maximum of Rs.10,00,000/-

6. Mid-term Inclusion

Mid-term Inclusion of newly married/wedded spouse and new born baby is permissible on paying additional premium  

7. Wellness Programme

Discount in the renewal premium for healthy life style through wellness activity  

8. Loyalty Discount

10% discount at the time of renewal after 40 years of age

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