Senior Citizen Red Carpet Insurance Policy

Features & Benefits

1. Cover till 75 years

For Senior citizens aged between 60 to 75 years.

2. No pre-acceptance medical screening

Pre-insurance medical test is not required

3. Covers pre-existing diseases

Covers pre-existing diseases from the second year onwards.

4. Flexible policy basis

Get protected up to 25 Lakhs on Individual and Floater basis

5. Medical Consultations

Medical Consultations as an out-patient in a Network Hospital.

6. Constant premium

Premium will be constant with lifetime renewal

7. Day care procedures

Expenses towards all day-care procedures, surgeries and treatments that would require hospitalization of less than 24 hours are covered.  

8. In-patient hospitalisation expenses

Coverage for all in-patient hospitalisation expenses up to the sum insured.  

9. Pre- and Post-hospitalisation expenses

Pre-hospitalisation expenses are covered for a maximum of 30 days before admission in the network hospitals.  

10. Modern Treatments

Twelve modern treatments are covered comprising balloon sinuplasty, immunotherapy and stem cell therapy, up to sub-limits mentioned in the policy clause.  

11. Out-Patient expenses

Any medical consultation expenses as an outpatient incurred in a network hospital are covered up to the limits with a limit of Rs.200 per consultation.

12. Annual Health Check-Ups

Payment of expenses towards cost of health check-up up to the limits for every claim-free year at network hospitals.

13. Pre-Existing Disease (PED)  

You can claim for treatments on pre-existing conditions after 12 months from the policy start date.  

14. Specific Disease/Illness Coverage The policy covers some specific diseases/treatments only after a 24-months waiting period. Covers for cataract surgery up to specific limits based on sum insured options.

Exclusions in the Policy

a. The policy does not cover the treatments and conditions listed below:

a) Cosmetic or plastic surgery expenses

b) Change-of-Gender treatment

c) Intentional self-injury

d) Treatments necessitated due to participation in hazardous or adventure sports.

e) Treatments for alcohol or drug abuse

f) Congenital External Condition / Defects / Anomalies

g) Please refer to the policy clause and wording on the website to have a detailed list of such exclusions.

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