How To Become A Millionaire In 10 Years 


Although being a millionaire can seem like a distant dream, it is possible with the right investment strategy. One can accomplish this task in just 10 years with the help of Federal Bank's Millionaire Federal Savings Fund deposit plan. The programme's appealing interest rates and other exciting bonuses can help hasten one's journey towards financial independence.

Read on to learn about this amazing investment strategy.


What is the Millionaire Federal Savings Fund?

Federal Bank's Millionaire Federal Savings Fund is a fixed deposit plan designed for customers who want to achieve their financial goals quickly. With this plan, one can invest a lump sum amount and earn a higher interest rate than for a regular fixed deposit account. This interest rate is calculated on a quarterly basis and is compounded annually.


The Millionaire Federal Savings Fund deposit plan is available to all resident and non-resident Indian (NRI) customers of Federal Bank. One can open this account individually or jointly with another person.


The minimum amount required to invest in this deposit plan is Rs.5 lakhs and the maximum amount is Rs.1 crore. The tenure of the investment can range from three to 10 years. The interest rate offered will vary based on the period the funds are being invested for.

Advantages of the Millionaire Federal Savings Fund

  • Higher Interest Rates: Federal Bank offers higher interest rates on the Millionaire Federal Savings Fund deposit, which means one can earn more returns on their investment.
  • Flexible Tenure: One can choose the tenure of their investment based on their financial goals. This flexibility allows customers to achieve their financial goals within a suitable time frame.
  • Loan Against Deposit: One can also take out a loan if needed against the Millionaire Federal Savings Fund.
  • Auto-Renewal Facility: The plan comes with an auto-renewal facility, which means the deposit will be renewed automatically at maturity. This feature ensures the funds will continue to earn interest without any hassles.


Becoming a millionaire in just 10 years may seem impossible, but with Federal Bank's Millionaire Federal Savings Fund deposit plan, one can make it a reality. The programme offers attractive interest rates, flexible tenures, loans against deposits and auto-renewal facilities, making it an ideal investment option for anyone looking to achieve their financial goals.

Apply for the Millionaire Federal Savings Fund deposit plan today and take the first step towards becoming a millionaire. Visit Federal Bank's website or use their Al-powered virtual assistant Feddy to learn more about this incredible investment opportunity.