Millionaire Deposits - Investment Options


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Millionaire Deposits - Investment Options

Millionaire Deposits - Investment Options

Investment options for our Millionaire Deposit Schemes are given below. Monthly installment is calculated based on present interest rates on NRE Fixed Deposits. Monthly Installments are subject to change on revision of interest rates.

Millionaire Federal Savings Fund


Period Monthly Installment Maturity Amount (in Rs.)
10 Year 6216 1 Million
9 Year 7119 1 Million
8 Year 8252 1 Million
7 Year 9716 1 Million
6 Year 11674 1 Million
5 Year 14424 1 Million
4 Year 18656 1 Million
3 Year 25566 1 Million


Multi Millionaire Federal Savings Fund


Monthly Premium (in Rs.) Months Maturity Amount (Rs)
6216 120 10 Lac
12431 120 20 Lac
18647 120 30 Lac
24862 120 40 Lac
31078 120 50 Lac
37293 120 60 Lac
43509 120 70 Lac
49724 120 80 Lac
55939 120 90 Lac
62155 120 100 Lac



Crorepati Federal Savings Fund


Period Monthly Installment Maturity Amount (in Rs.)
10 Year 62155 1 Crore
9 Year 71181 1 Crore
8 Year 82517 1 Crore
7 Year 97151 1 Crore
6 Year 116733 1 Crore
5 Year 144234 1 Crore
4 Year 186560 1 Crore
3 Year 255656 1 Crore



NRI Investment in India


Of late, India has become a favorite destination for investors around the world. The popularity of Indian leadership, improved foreign relations, stable and reformist government, multi-year low inflation and interest rates, promising future of the economy, etc are the key factors behind this. These create a highly favorable condition for NRI investors to explore the best investment options in India. 


There are various options for NRI investment in India. The best investment options in India for NRI's are Bank Fixed Deposits. Apart from this, other options of NRI deposit are Mutual Funds, Direct Equity, Real Estate, Investment in Bonds and Government Securities, Certificate of Deposits, National Pension Scheme (NPS), etc. 


The first thing to do for NRI deposit is to open an NRE/NRO bank account. Once you have this account, you can start investing in any of the above plans. For NRE Fixed Deposits, banks offer easy monthly installment schemes where you invest for a fixed lock-in period and get returns. Another benefit of NRI deposit is that if the investment is made through NRE account, it is tax-free, while the investment made through NRO account is subjected to TDS. Fixed Deposits also offer good returns as normally the interest rate is high when compared to other bank deposit schemes. Moreover, for NRE Fixed Deposits, interest rates differ from that of normal Fixed Deposits.


Also, NRIs can invest in Saving Account and Current Account apart from NRE Fixed Deposits. Other benefits of NRE accounts to the investors are that it allows Repatriation benefits as NRE Saving Account allows easy movement of funds because it repatriates both interest and principle abroad. Convenience benefit is another important advantage as most of the banks allow you to open NRE account online. Yet another benefit is that you can open a joint NRE account with another NRI. Mandate Holder benefit is another advantage of NRE Savings Account which allows you to appoint a mandate to operate your account on your behalf. So, NRI investment in India is easy, profitable and gives you good returns over a longer time.