FedMobile in 2023


2023 has been an exciting year for all of us & we at Federal Bank are equally excited as you. FedMobile our flagship Mobile Banking product & has grown by leaps and bounds & our customers have been an integral part of this exciting journey!  Over 3 million customers connected with Federal Bank via FedMobile every month with 12,000+ users securely logging in into the application every minute. Breaking the barriers and setting records...FedMobile soared with 19,000+ transactions per hour in this year. 

Gone are the days when you need to call your branch, update your passbook or even scroll through the last transaction message on your phone to Check Account Balance. FedMobile has it at the click of a button. This service was used 14.5Lakh+ times in the month of December 2023 alone. 
Fed Book our Mobile Passbook is a feature inside FedMobile, that was used by 8 Lakh users in the last 6 Months. Did you know that you can Login to FedMobile using a Fingerprint /Face ID. This was used 2.5 Lakh+ times in the last month of this year. 

Apart from transferring funds 24*7, 365 days Anytime Anywhere, users also explored and availed whole host of merchant services. FedMobile powered 100 Lakh+ Mobile Recharges 📱 in 2023 ensuring that you are always in touch with your near and dear ones.  As it’s lights out for the year, we continue to ensure that our customers never have their home lights out. Our app Users initiated 20 Lakh+ Electricity Bill Payments⚡️ to over 85+ service providers across the country.  Our users really enjoyed diving into 19Lakh+ seamless Water Bill Payments 🚰 solutions using FedMobile.  Users initiated 5.8 Lakh+ DTH bill payments via FedMobile to stay updated with their TV shows.  86K+ LPG bookings towards fuelling the kitchens for those culinary delights. 

We ensured that your slow buffering doesn’t stop your streaming spree.  Users initiated 67K+   Broadband Postpaid payments using our app.  10K+ users have secured their future with Insurance Premium Payments.  The crescendo of success crescends in the heartwarming response from our customers, who've chosen FedMobile as the canvas for their 💰 SGB masterpiece, contributing a staggering Rs. 263 crores (445.58 Kgs) this year alone. This is more than a milestone – it's a brushstroke in our vibrant canvas of customer-centric excellence." 

Boondh Boondh se Sagar Banta Hai... Our customers did believe in this and embarked on their financial adventure by investing in Mutual Fund SIPs. 4500+ accounts and 700+ SIPs are opened every month using FedMobile. In the rhythm of customer satisfaction, we dance to the beat of efficiency, delivering lightning-fast solutions to queries. Over the last year, we successfully addressed 16,574 queries on an average each month, equating to an outstanding accomplishment of aiding 552 queries every day. 


New Year Resolutions: 

Unlock the potential of FedMobile to pave the way for financial success in the New Year. 

1. Dream big, start small-Accomplish your goals by investing in RD as low as Rs. 50. 

2. Safeguard from financial vulnerability by enrolling in PMJJBY and PMSBY.  

3. Optimise your tax savings through investment in tax saving deposits.  

4. Accumulate gold by investing in SGB. 

5. Unleash the magic of compounding on your retirement dreams by investing in SIPs, commencing with a budget-friendly amount of Rs. 100. 


We would like to thank each one of you for your continued support. Keep reading FedMobile notifications to stay financially aware.