Federal Green Plus Loan Scheme

Features & Benefits

Federal Green Plus loan is extended to needy farmers to meet the cost / expenses of any genuine direct agricultural purpose (including allied activities).


Available for direct agricultural purposes as well as allied activities
Avail loan amount maximum up to Rs.10 Lakhs
Longer repayment period – Maximum of 120 months
Minimal paperwork
Hassle free processing
No hidden charges or heavy penalties

Activities covered under the scheme

Finance to individual farmers for Agriculture to meet their investment credit as follows: 

  • All kinds of land development and all kinds of Irrigation
  • Farm mechanization
  • Construction of sheds, store, farm house, manager, supervisor, labor quarters, tanks etc. for agriculture and allied activities
  • Traditional/non-traditional plantations and horticulture development
  • Allied Activities (dairy, fishery, piggery, poultry, bee-keeping, etc.)
  • Loans to small and marginal farmers for purchase of land for agricultural purpose.

All other term loans for financing production and investment requirements for agriculture and allied activities. The loan with interest shall be repaid within a maximum period of 120 months with monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly or annual instalments; depending upon the cash flow with a maximum cushion period of 12 months.

How to apply ?

Who can apply

  • Any farmer (individuals only) having good track record / repayment history with our bank.
  • Borrowers having FKCC accounts with us where interest is serviced promptly and credits in the FKCC account in the particular year (i.e. 12 months from the date of disbursal or 12 months from the anniversary date) are not less than the limit sanctioned shall alone be considered for finance.

How to avail the loan?

Loan Amount

  • Minimum loan shall be Rs.3L and maximum loan shall be Rs.10L. 
  • Loan amount will be 50% value of collateral security or 5 times the previous year's net agricultural income from agriculture and allied activities; whichever is lesser; subject to maximum of 75% of the proposed investment cost. 
  • Minimum margin:  25%


Primary Security: 

  • Hypothecation of all assets created out of loan including crops.
  • Mortgage of agril. Landed property where agricultural activities are being undertaken.
  • A margin of 25% shall be maintained on investment. 

Collateral security: 

  • Collateral security property shall have value of 200% of loan amount and shall be a residential property with or without house or a commercial property.

Spouse of the applicant shall join as Co-obligant for the loan. In case spouse is not available, one of the close relatives like father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter shall join the documents as a co-obligant.

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