Indo-Nepal Remittance Facility (INRF)


  • The Indo-Nepal Remittance Facility (INRF) is a cross-border remittance scheme to transfer funds from India to Nepal (one-way only), enabled under the NEFT ecosystem.
  • Remittances meant for beneficiaries in Nepal are routed through State Bank of India, which handles the Indian leg of transaction.
  • At the Nepal end, remittances are distributed through all the branches of NSBL (Nepal SBI Bank Limited) and the money transfer agents of NSBL which are also duly approved by Nepal Rastra Bank.
  • At present NSBL has 17 branches and their money transfer agent named Prabhu Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd. is operational in 280 locations covering the entire geography of Nepal.

Permissible Limits

  • Any number of NEFT transactions can be initiated through the accounts of the customers maintained with us. Transaction limit – Up to Rs 2 lakhs per transaction.
  • Walk-in / Non-customer can remit upto ₹50,000 per transaction to Nepal residing beneficiary. Maximum 12 NEFT transactions can be initiated in a calendar year.

Documents required

  • Federal Bank customers: Account should be KYC Compliant. No additional identification document required.
  • Walk-in Customers: The remitter has to submit documents for proof of identification such as Passport / Permanent Account Number / Driving License / Telephone Bill / Certificate of Identification issued by his employer with photograph and other details. The information will be captured in the NEFT system as part of compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Complete address and telephone / mobile number of the beneficiary in Nepal will also be required.

Payment Mode

NSBL makes arrangements for credit to the bank account of the beneficiary if the beneficiary is an account holder of NSBL. Else, NSBL disburses funds in cash to the beneficiary through the authorised money transfer company (Prabhu Money Transfer). The beneficiary has to approach the local branch of the money transfer company, furnish the UTR number (also called as the Unique Transaction Reference number that uniquely identifies a transaction in the NEFT system that can be obtained from the remitter), and produce a photo identity document (generally Nepal Citizenship Certificate) to prove his identity.

If the beneficiary does not approach the money transfer company within a week from the date of the transaction, the money transfer company would make arrangements for return of the remittance to the originator.
The location and addresses of NSBL and Prabhu Money Transfer are available in the Procedural Guidelines for Indo-Nepal Remittance Facility Scheme on the website of RBI. Click here


For transactions up to ₹50,000, the charges are as follows:

  1. Originating bank – Maximum ₹5/- per transaction.
  2. State Bank of India – ₹20/- per transaction. SBI would share this ₹20/- with NSBL at ₹10 each. NSBL would not charge any additional amount for crediting the beneficiary. if he maintains an account with it.
  3. In case the beneficiary does not maintain an account with NSBL then, an additional amount would be charged- ₹50/- for remittances up to ₹5,000/- and ₹75/- for remittance above ₹5,000/-.
  4. For transactions above ₹50,000/-, charges prescribed by SBI shall apply. Click here to know the charges prescribed by SBI.

Redressal of Grievances under this scheme

For non-credit or delay in credit to the beneficiary account or for complaints of any other nature, the NEFT Customer Facilitation Centre (CFC) of the respective bank (the originating bank and / or SBI) can be contacted. 

Federal Bank CFC

  • Ph: 0484-2752051, 2752077 
  • Email:

Click here to know the deatils.

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