Export Pre Shipment Credit

Features & Benefits

Bank is extending Pre shipment credit (Packing Credit) to exporters for purchasing, processing, manufacturing and packing of goods prior to shipment.
Individuals, Firms, Companies or any other legal entity engaged in export of goods can avail this facility.

Documents Required

  • Hypothecation/pledge of stock meant for exports
  • Against trust receipts or documents of title to goods

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Granting The Loan

  • Letter of Credit opened in favour of the exporter by the importer's bank
  • A confirmed and irrevocable order for the export of goods from India
  • Other evidence of an order for export from India having been placed on the exporter unless lodgement of export orders or letters of credit have been waived by the Bank

Quantum of Finance

  • The quantum of finance will be need based and worked out against specific orders or continuous orders over a given period of time taking into account the length of production cycle, time taken for procurement etc.
  • Hypothecation/pledge of stock meant for exports
  • Against trust receipts or documents of title to goods


  • PCL is granted for periods decided upon the circumstances of each case, such as time required for procuring, manufacturing or processing of the goods. It is released in lump sum or in stages, as per the requirement for executing the order/LC.
  • PCL would normally be liquidated out of the proceeds of export bills negotiated.

Rates and Charges

  • Rate of interest is subject to Reserve Bank of India directives.
  • The concession in rate of interest is applicable only up to 180 days.
  • If the PCL is extended beyond 180 days, the extended period will attract higher rate of interest as stipulated by the Bank.
  • Please refer to Interest Rates page

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