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Federal Bank Credit Cards- FAQs

Want to know more about Federal Bank Credit Cards? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions for answers to your queries.

Credit Cards - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is a small plastic or metal card issued by a financial company. It allows you to make purchases by borrowing money up to an established limit. A credit card allows you to access a credit limit that's provided by your credit card issuer. Your credit limit is the maximum amount you can borrow. Instead of giving you the full loan in cash, the card issuer lets you take as much of the credit limit as you want at a given time. As you pay off what you've borrowed, you can borrow again.


What is the difference between a Credit Card and a Debit Card?

Credit cards and debit cards typically look almost identical, with 16-digit card numbers, expiration dates, and personal identification number (PIN) codes. Both credit cards and debit cards can make it easy and convenient to make purchases in stores or online, with one key difference- A debit card uses funds from your bank account while a credit card uses a credit line that can be paid back later, which gives you more time to pay.

What are the credit card products offered by Federal Bank?

​​​​​​Federal Bank credit cards comes in three variants namely Celesta, Imperio and Signet. 

What are the major benefits of Federal Bank Credit cards?

•    Lowest Dynamic Annual Percentage Rate (APR) starting from 5.88% p.a.
•    3-2-1 Rewards structure for credit cards
•    Attractive onboarding benefits including Amazon Pay e-Voucher, Complementary Membership, Buy One Get One (BOGO) Movie Ticket offer on INOX

What is a PIN ?

A credit card PIN, or personal identification number, is typically a four-digit code you use to verify that you're the owner of a credit card. Like a signature, it's used to verify your identity and helps protect you against fraud.

How do I generate the PIN for my credit card?

You can generate your credit card PIN by using any of the following options.
•    Using FedMobile App:
Go to Services  --> Credit Card --> Generate Credit Card Pin
•    Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System 
Dial our Toll free number 1800-420-1199

What is CVV?

A card verification value or a CVV number is a 3-digit code printed at the back of your credit card. It acts as an additional security layer protecting your data during online transactions. Cardholders must protect their CVV and not share it with anyone to avoid falling prey to cyber frauds.

What is a Contactless card?

Your credit card has a symbol on it that looks like the ‘wifi’ symbol, which indicates that it is a Contactless card. It helps you to make payments without having to physically swipe or dip the card, for transactions up to Rs.5,000. All you have to do is tap the card against the card reader (the card reader which is enabled for contactless payments), and the transaction gets executed. It provides convenience and faster way of making a payment.

Where can the Contactless Credit Card be used?

You can use the Contactless cards at any place that has a POS Machine. The card can be used to tap and pay. Any POS Machine that comes with a contactless symbol has been used for contactless payments.

How can I make a payment using my Contactless Credit Card ?

To make a contactless payment, please follow the below steps:
•    Look for the contactless payment symbol (Wifi / Paywave symbol) at checkout.
•    Tap your card on the machine 
•    Once the machine beeps or a green light is seen, it means that your transaction has been successful.
•    If your transaction amount is greater than Rs.5,000, you will need to provide your PIN for the transaction to go through.

My credit card is going to expire. When will I receive the renewal card?

Yes, you will receive a new card before expiry of existing credit card, free of cost.

How can I change or update my communication address in my credit card account?

How can I change my registered mobile number of my credit card account?

How can I change my registered e-mail ID of my credit card account?

Where to check the offers available on credit card?

How can I apply for Credit card?

You can apply for credit card in just a few clicks. To apply online, please click here.

How can I track the status of my credit card application?

To track your credit card application, please click here.

When will I receive my Credit Card PIN?

To generate your Credit Card pin by using any of the following options.

•    Using FedMobile App. 

•    Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System by calling our Toll free number 1800-420-1199

What are the documents to be submitted along with Credit Card application form?

How can I apply for an Add-on credit card?

My credit card is undelivered and returned to the Bank. How can I get it re-dispatched?

What are the Fees applicable on my Credit Card?

To learn more about fees and charges applicable on your credit card, please visit our website

When is the late payment fee charged on credit card?


What are the charges for replacing lost / stolen credit card?

What is Federal Rewards?

Federal Rewards is Federal Bank's loyalty program that rewards our credit Card holders for using their Federal Bank credit Card to pay for products and services.

How do I enrol for Federal Rewards Program?

As a Federal Bank Credit Card holder, you are automatically enrolled in Federal Rewards. To check your Federal Point balance and redeem points, you have to activate your account by visiting https://www.federalrewards.in/. Follow these steps to activate your account:
•    Visit https://www.federalrewards.in/ and go to the 'New User' option.
•    Provide your Federal Bank Customer Identification number.
•    Enter one-time-password (OTP) received on your registered mobile number
•    Verify personal details and start redeeming.

How do I redeem my Rewards points on credit cards?

You can redeem your Federal Points for a wide range of products across categories in merchandise and for services such as movie tickets, air tickets, mobile/DTH recharge & more.

To redeem:

Log on to https://www.federalrewards.in/ or  call Federal Rewards Customer Care at 1800-258-2566 (Toll Free)

Operational Days & Hours: Monday – Saturday (9:00AM – 6:00PM)

Calling from Overseas? Dial: +91-40-67284302

What are the minimum reward points required to start redeeming?

You need a minimum of ---- points for redemption.

Do Federal Reward points expire?

Federal Points awarded by the bank are valid for a period of 36 months or 3 years excluding the month of accrual. Additional points earned at Partner Stores are valid for a period of 12 months or 1 year excluding the month of accrual.

How can I view my reward points summary?

Go to the 'My Account' page to check your Federal Points. Your Federal Points also appear on the top left corner of the web pages after you have logged in.

Are there any charges for redemption of reward points?

A nominal convenience fee is charged per booking. This fee will vary by redemption category/product and can be seen during the booking process.

What are Domestic Transactions?

Transactions done in India in currency code as INR (Indian Rupees) are considered as Domestic transactions. 

What are International Transactions?

Transactions done in foreign currency or INR in countries outside India(Except Nepal and Bhutan) are considered as International transactions

What is an ‘Online’ Transaction?

Online transactions include payment done on a website, mobile app/QR Code or any other online mode (including auto-debit/standing instructions etc.), for the purchase of e-commerce / goods or services.

What is meant by POS Transaction?

Point of Sale(POS) transaction is a payment done at retail store using point of sale (POS) terminals by dipping /tapping your credit card.

What is a ‘Contactless’ Transaction/NFC?

Contactless/Tap & Pay transactions are done by tapping your card at NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled Point of Sale (PoS) terminals for purchase of goods or services.

What is an ATM transaction?

Automated Teller Machine(ATM) transaction is a transaction done at ATMs to avail cash/use other ATM facility.

I want to convert a transaction into EMI. What are the EMI tenure options available?

What is Balance Transfer (BT)?

Is there a balance transfer option available for Federal Bank Credit Card?

How can I do Balance Transfer to my credit card?

What is the amount of Balance Transfer I can avail with BT service?

I am an Add-on card holder, can I book BT on my card?

How can I switch on/off and set/modify limits for different category of transactions (for domestic and international usage)?

Can I prepay by loan availed on credit card?

Will the limit of Add-on card be over and above the limit of the primary card?

How can I increase the credit limit on my credit card?

How will I receive information of transactions on my Credit Card?

How can I subscribe for e-mail alerts on my credit card account?

What is the credit period for credit card?

How do I pay my credit card bill?

How I know the status on credit card payments?

Can I make a payment more than the Total Amount Due as shown in the statement?

I have received my credit card recently. What is the statement generation date on my credit card?

What is a billing date/cycle and due date? Can it be changed?

How can I view and download Credit Card statement?

What happens if I pay more than the total amount due on my credit card?

How do I register credit card for auto debit bill payment?

How can I get a physical statement for my Credit Card?

How can I remove the Auto Debit facility on my credit card?

I have not received my monthly credit card statement, what can I do?

What is Total Amount Due and how it is calculated?

What is Minimum Amount Due and how is it calculated?

What happens if I do not pay any amount due before the due date?

What happens if I pay only the Minimum Amount Due?

How can I check available credit and cash limit of my card?

What are Total credit limit & Available credit limits?

What is Cash limit?

How long will it take for the payment to reflect in my credit card account?

Is there a limit for a contactless transaction amount?

Yes, payments through contactless mode is allowed for maximum amount of Rs. 5,000 in a day. For any transaction of amount more than Rs. 5,000, you would have to dip or swipe your credit card and enter the 4-digit PIN to authenticate the transaction.

How can I generate or change the PIN for my credit card?

You can generate your credit card PIN by using any of the following options.
•    Using FedMobile App:
•    Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System - Dial our Toll free number 1800-420-1199

I lost my credit card. How can I block it?

To block your credit card, please dial our toll free number 1800 - 425 - 1199 Or 1800 - 420 – 1199.

How can I replace lost / stolen credit card?

Can I use my credit card for international transactions?

Yes, you can use your credit card for international transactions. You need to enable the card for international usage through any of our channels.

How I can I enable / disable international transactions?

I forgot my credit card PIN. How can I reset it?

I forgot my credit card login password. How can I reset it?

Can I update separate mobile number for OTP alerts on add-on card?

How do I open my Credit Card e-statement?

The password to open the statement PDF document is a combination of the first 4 letters of your name (in capitals) & date of birth (in DDMM format) as per our records. Please do not include any special characters or spaces. 
For e.g. If the registered name is Anu Thomas K and date of birth is 10-Oct-1965, the password would be ANUT1010.

How can I update my permanent address in the Credit Card Account?

How can I change my communication address in the Credit Card Account?

Can I set my official address as communication address?

Yes.Companies/Partnership Firms/Trusts etc can avail FedNet facility. However, access to account/s will be permitted only to one authorised signatory.

How can I change transaction PIN for credit card?

What should I do if my Credit Card is not working?

If you are unable to transact on your credit card, you may call our Customer Care by dialling the pan India toll free number 1800 - 425 - 1199 Or 1800 - 420 – 1199 from your registered mobile number. 

I came across a transaction on my account using a credit card which was not attempted by me? How do I report this transaction?

What should I do if my credit card got debited twice?

Within how many days can I dispute a transaction?

What are the documents I need to submit for disputed transaction?

What should I do if authentication is declined at point of sale terminals?

How can I stop promotional calls/SMS or E-Mails on my register Mobile Number/ E-Mail ID?

What are the channels through which I can report a disputed transaction?

My travel/accommodation booking has been cancelled. Can I get my money back?

How long will it take to resolve a billing dispute?

How will I come to know that the dispute is resolved?