Federal Rupay Wave Credit Card

Federal RuPay Wave Credit Card is a Perfect Addition to Your Wallet - Why settle for one when you can have two?

Federal RuPay Wave Credit Card is a floater card linked to your primary Credit Card, sharing the same credit limit. 

With its own set of benefits and promotions, it makes UPI payments even more rewarding. Federal Bank RuPay Wave Credit Card enhances your transaction experience with convenience and rewarding opportunities. With this card, you can enjoy cashback and unparalleled rewards on your purchases. 


Features & Benefits

Cashback Rewards*
Unlock 10% cashback on your first five UPI transactions with the card. This means you will get a portion of your spending back, making your purchases even more rewarding.
Reward Points
For every Rs. 200 you spend, you will earn 1 reward point. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for exciting benefits, effectively giving you more value for your money.  


UPI Convenience Redefined
Federal RuPay Wave Credit Card simplifies your transactions through UPI. With just a quick scan of a QR code, you can make seamless payments.
Milestone Benefit
Achieve quarterly spending milestones and be rewarded with bonus reward points. When you spend Rs.50,000 in a quarter, you will receive 1000 bonus reward points, boosting your points balance significantly.


Key Points

Separate Billing and Payments
While the Federal Federal RuPay Wave Credit Card is linked to your primary card, it maintains separate billing statements. This means you'll receive individual bills for each card, and payments need to be made separately, ensuring clear tracking of expenses.
Credit Card on UPI
The Federal Federal RuPay Wave Credit Card is designed to enhance your UPI transactions. Upon issuance, your card will be automatically enabled for UPI payments, allowing you to link it to popular UPI apps and enjoy seamless and secure transactions.


With the Federal Bank RuPay Wave Credit Card, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the convenience of a Credit Card and the rewards of UPI payments. It's a powerful combination that elevates your financial journey. All you need to do is link your card to your preferred UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe etc. and you're ready to experience a new level of transaction convenience.

How to Apply

Get your Federal Rupay Wave Credit Card in 4 simple steps:

  1. Login to the FedMobile app.
  2. Tap Click on Wave Credit Card banner.
  3. Accept T&C & verify with MPIN.
  4. Your Wave Credit Card is ready to use!

Federal Bank Credit Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

A floater card is an additional Credit Card provided to existing primary cardholders. The Federal Bank RuPay Wave Credit Card is issued in the RuPay network, unlocking a world of benefits. With this card, you can link to UPI apps and enjoy cashback and reward points on your UPI transactions. It's your key to seamless and rewarding payments.

Your lifetime-free RuPay Wave Credit Card opens doors to unlimited spending power through UPI. With just a scan and pay, you can unlock:

  • Cashback Rewards: Earn 10% cashback on your first five UPI transactions, making your initial spending even more rewarding.
  • Reward Points: For every Rs. 200 spent, you'll receive 1 reward point, which can be redeemed for exciting offers.
  • UPI Convenience: Experience seamless transactions with just a QR scan, redefining the way you make payments.
  • Milestone Bonuses: Achieve quarterly spending milestones of Rs.50,000 and be rewarded with 1000 bonus reward points.

The RuPay Wave Credit Card is exclusively available through the FedMobile app in two simple steps. Existing Visa or MasterCard Credit Cardholders can apply, and the card enables UPI transactions in the RuPay network, offering a unique and convenient payment experience.

The credit limit on the RuPay Wave Credit Card is shared with your primary card. For example, if you have a Visa Signet/Imperio/Celesta card with a limit of "X," your RuPay Wave Credit Card will also have the same "X" limit. This shared limit simplifies your financial management.

Adding your Federal Bank RuPay Wave Credit Card to a UPI app empowers you to make seamless payments. Simply open your UPI app, click on 'Scan,' and use the QR scanner to initiate the payment process. Enter the amount, select your Federal Bank RuPay Wave Credit Card, and confirm the payment with your UPI PIN. You'll receive a payment confirmation once the transaction is completed.

For e-commerce transactions, you can utilize either an Intent request or a collect request from the merchant. Select the UPI app as your payment mode on the merchant website or app, log in to your UPI app, choose your Federal Bank RuPay Wave Credit Card, and confirm the payment with your UPI PIN. Once the payment is completed, you'll be redirected to the merchant page with a payment confirmation.

You have the flexibility to choose between paying the Total Amount Due (TAD) or the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) on your Wave card. The auto-debit mode marked for your primary card, such as TAD or MAD, will also apply to the floater card, ensuring a consistent repayment process.

  • To link Rupay Wave to other UPI apps, open preferred UPI apps and click on “add RuPay Card” feature. 
  • Enter the required details of RuPay Wave. Verify the details using OTP. 

In just 2 steps, utilize the feature of UPI on Credit Card through RuPay Wave.