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VISA Signature Imperio Contactless cards

Visa Signature Imperio Contactless Debit Card

Daily Shopping Limit Daily Cash withdrawal Limit Total Limit
Rs.3,00,000/-  Rs.75,000/- Rs.3,75,000/-



  • Tap to pay - Simply wave your card on POS machine to get the payment done.
  • No need to enter your debit card PIN for transactions up to Rs. 5000/-
  • Safe Click feature with no OTP up to Rs. 2000/-  
  • Domestic Lounge access - 2 complimentary visits per quarter.
  • Exclusive Dining offer- 15% off on 550+ restaurants. Check restaurants nearby at 

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Visa Signature Imperio Contactless Debit Card
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  • Book My Show offer- Get 50% discount up to Rs. 300 on minimum booking of 2 movie tickets and Rs. 200 off on Food Combos 
  • VISA Airport Transfer LIMO Program (15% off on retail rates)
  • Airport Meet & Greet Services (20% off on retail rates)
  • E-Commerce Purchase Protection up to Rs.14000 (USD 200)
  • Digital Concierge Services (Live Chat for making any request round the clock, ATM Locator will guide to the nearest ATM in the vicinity, Over 300 Dining Benefits with 25% off and complimentary beverages across restaurants, Golf Benefits with 30% off on green fees at golf courses, Self Service Hotel Bookings and Dining Reservations)
  • Comprehensive Suite of Services (24/7 Emergency support for Lost & Stolen Card, 24/7 Cardholder Enquiry Service, Emergency Card Replacement in 1-3 days in US and Abroad, Emergency cash Disbursement at 2.7L+ locations)
  • Various Debit card offers on brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket and much more. Visit here to check out latest offers on your card at
  • You can download the application form for Contactless Debit card by visiting the Forms & Stationery page. Duly filled application form shall be submitted to your branch
  • If you wish to replace your existing Debit card with the new contactless cards and are eligible for the same, contact your Branch.


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Fees and Charges

For details, please visit Rates and Charges page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What's new in the Federal Bank Contactless Card?

Ans: Federal Bank Contactless variant provides convenience of contactless payment along with the existing features offered on Federal Bank Debit card. A Contactless card is a faster way to pay with your debit card for purchases under Rs.5000/- at participating stores. Instead of dipping (or swiping) your card on the merchant terminal, simply wave or tap your card on the contactless enabled terminal and pay without entering a PIN (for amount under Rs.5000/-).

Q2. How will I know that my Federal Bank Debit card is a Contactless card and the machine is enabled for contactless transactions?

Ans: Look for the Contactless symbol on your Federal Bank card and also on the machine at the shop. This symbol, if present, means that your card is a Contactless card and the machine is enabled for contactless transactions

Q3. I have the old Federal Bank Debit card, will I be able to use it in contactless mode?

Ans: No, the contactless mode is available only on the new card variant. However, the customer can still opt for a card replacement and get a contactless version at standard replacement charges which are currently applicable.

Q4. How does the Federal Bank Federal Bank Contactless Debit Card work?

Ans: It contains a chip and an antenna (based on radio frequency). When you tap the card against a contactless enabled terminal, the details get transferred wirelessly from the card to the terminal and the payments get processed in a secure manner.

Q5. How does Contactless Technology benefit me?

Ans: Contactless cards benefits you through its enhanced convenience to pay and higher level of security. The convenience is by way of speed of payment through not having to enter your PIN for transactions below Rs.5000/-. It is also more secure as you are in control of the card at all times as the card does not leave your hand when you make the payment at the shop.

Q6. Is my Federal Bank Contactless Debit Card safe and secure?

Ans: Yes, contactless technology uses secure encryption (the same as CHIP and PIN) so you can confidently use it. The maximum transaction value for a contactless transaction is capped at Rs.5000/- which further limits any possible loss. Furthermore, you continue to be protected through the lost card liability cover on your card. Just ensure you report loss of your card to Federal Bank immediately on discovering the same.

Q7. How do I use my Federal Bank Contactless Debit Card for contactless payments?

Ans: Look out for Wifi symbol on the machine at the shop/store/outlet. Just tap the card on the machine or keep it close to the terminal (for transactions  below Rs. 5000/-). You will hear a beep/see a light and get the receipt for the contactless payment you have done.

Q8. When can I use my Federal Bank Contactless Debit Card?

Ans: You can use your contactless card wherever you see this symbol at the shop/store/outlet. It is ideal for transactions below Rs.5000 as a PIN and Signature is not required. So you do not need to count the change or worry about carrying enough cash.

Q9. What if the amount is more than Rs.5000/-? Will I be able to use my Federal Bank Contactless Debit Card?

Ans: Yes, you will be able to use your Federal BankContactless Debit card, however, if the amount is above Rs.5000/- then you will have to use it like a regular debit card by either dipping (or swiping) it in the machine and you will also be asked to enter the PIN.

Q10. Is there a limit on the value of goods I can purchase with my contactless card?

Ans: No there is no limit on value of goods that you can purchase. For transaction value over Rs.5000/- you will have to use your card by either swiping or dipping it like any other EMV chip debit card.

Q11. What if I am buying something online and the value is below Rs.5000/-?

Ans: Contactless features works at a shop where there is a machine. There is no change in the way you transact online. This card works as your normal debit card when you are shopping/ paying bills online i.e. it will require a PIN or OTP and/or Verified by VISA (VBB) code online.

Q12. Is this Rs.5000/- limit worldwide or only in India?

Ans: The Rs.5000/- limit per transaction is only in India, if the transaction is over Rs.5000/- you will need to put in a PIN. Each country that has contactless cards has different rules and it also depends on the terminal which would be used at that time, in that country.

However, the limit on the amount is as per your credit limit on your credit card and the daily transaction limit on your debit card.

Q13. Do I have to use contactless?

Ans: No. You can use Federal Bank Contactless card as regular CHIP and PIN card by dipping (or swiping) it in the machines. Contactless machines also accept CHIP and PIN cards.

Q14. Can I still use the chip or the magnetic stripe on my Federal Bankcontactless card?

Ans: Yes. If the shop doesn't have a contactless machine installed, you can continue to dip (or swipe) your contactless Federal Bankdebit card just as you always have. You can also choose to use this option even if there is a contactless terminal available.

Q15. How do I disable/turn off the contactless option?

Ans: Contactless is a permanent feature of your card and can't be disabled. You can still dip (swipe) your Federal BankContactless debit card just as you always have and enter the PIN, if you don't want to make a purchase using contactless.

Q16. How do I get a Federal Bankcontactless card?

Ans: If you hold a Federal BankDebit card, you can apply for a replacement through branches. Replacement options are also available on internet banking and mobile banking. If you want to apply for a new Federal BankDebit card, you currently hold some other debit card, you can apply for the same at the branch /through internet banking (provided your account scheme is eligible for a Federal BankDebit card).

Q17. How do I know when the contactless payment has been made?

Ans: The machine at the shop/outlet will indicate that the payment has been made – a light, beep or indicator will let you know that the payment has been processed. You will get a receipt which means that the payment has been successful.

Q18. Will I get receipt for all the contactless transactions?

Ans: Please let the shopkeeper know that you need a receipt. However, the receipt is not directly available in some circumstances; for example, while paying for travel by tapping your card on an electronic ticket reader, or using a contactless card at a vending machine. And all contactless purchases are recorded on your statement and you will get to see them on your Federal Bank internet banking account and Federal Bank mobile app as well.

Q19. How far from the contactless machine should I hold the card?

Ans: Contactless cards and machines do not work beyond a distance of 4 cms. We would suggest that you remove the card from your wallet/purse/clutch and keep it on the machine.

Q20. Can I accidentally be charged for a contactless transaction just by walking past a contactless terminal?

Ans: No. Contactless machines and cards have a limited range. Your card needs to be within 4cms from the machine to be read.

Q21. What if the contactless functionality does not work?

Ans: There may be a small chance that the contactless functionality does not work straight away on your new card. Your card needs to be activated before the contactless functionality will work. If you use your card first on a transaction by inserting your card into a machine then putting a PIN, then contactless should work after this transaction.

Q22. If I lose my Federal Bank Contactless Card, do I get lost card liability?

Ans: Yes, Federal Bank Contactless Cards provide cover upto 100% of the purchase limit as long as you report the loss of your card to Federal Bank immediately.

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