VISA  Crown Contactless Debit Card


Daily Shopping Limit Daily Cash withdrawal Limit Total Limit
Rs.2,00,000/- Rs.50,000/- Rs.2,50,000/-
Tap to pay - Simply wave your card on POS machine to get the payment done.
No need to enter your debit card PIN for transactions up to Rs. 5000/-
Safe Click feature with no OTP up to Rs. 2000/-
Assured 15% off on food and dining on Fed delights
Various Debit card offers on brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket and much more.
Earn Rewards points on all your debit card spends at POS and E-Commerce through our Federal rewards loyalty program (1 reward point on every spend of Rs.200.)

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How to Apply

  • You can download the application form for Contactless Debit card by visiting the Forms & Stationery page. Duly filled application form shall be submitted to your branch
  • If you wish to replace your existing Debit card with the new contactless cards and are eligible for the same, contact your Branch.

Frequently Asked Questions- Contactless Cards

Federal Bank Contactless variant provides convenience of contactless payment along with the existing features offered on Federal Bank Debit card. A Contactless card is a faster way to pay with your debit card for purchases under Rs.5000/- at participating stores. Instead of dipping (or swiping) your card on the merchant terminal, simply wave or tap your card on the contactless enabled terminal and pay without entering a PIN (for amount under Rs.5000/-).

Look for the Contactless symbol on your Federal Bank card and also on the machine at the shop. This symbol, if present, means that your card is a Contactless card and the machine is enabled for contactless transactions

No, the contactless mode is available only on the new card variant. However, the customer can still opt for a card replacement and get a contactless version at standard replacement charges which are currently applicable.

It contains a chip and an antenna (based on radio frequency). When you tap the card against a contactless enabled terminal, the details get transferred wirelessly from the card to the terminal and the payments get processed in a secure manner.

Contactless cards benefits you through its enhanced convenience to pay and higher level of security. The convenience is by way of speed of payment through not having to enter your PIN for transactions below Rs.5000/-. It is also more secure as you are in control of the card at all times as the card does not leave your hand when you make the payment at the shop.