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Security Tips

Guidelines for safe and secure banking

Internet Banking frauds have been rampant after Internet has become more popular for online transactions. In the recent past, Internet Banking frauds are on the rise. Here are some tips which you can adopt to make your internet banking secure.

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Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a technique employed by criminals to get hold of your personal information. A phishing email will have the look and feel of an authentic email. It can take many forms. Here are some tips which will help you to identify phishing mails.

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Email Security

Email has become an inevitable part of our lives. At the same time, threats due to hacking attempts, phishing attacks, spam, identity theft etc are increasing day by day. Here are some important security tips that e-mail users should be aware of.

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How to Reset your Password / PIN?

Forgot your FedNet Internet Banking password ? No worries. You can reset the password online in simple steps without contacting your branch.

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