Bajaj Allianz Individual Cyber Safe Insurance Policy

The most dangerous thing about cyber threats is that they are usually not detectible until after they have already happened. Unlike a stalker in real life, a Cyber Stalker cannot be seen and unlike a suspicious person lingering near an ATM, phishers are hard to perceive. Considering all the possible cyber threats and risks you’re exposed to every time you’re online, we’ve designed our cyber insurance policy to help protect you.



From Identity theft
From Cyber stalking
From Malware attack
From IT theft loss
From Phishing
From Email spoofing
From Media liability claims
From Cyber extortion
From Privacy and data breach by third party

Additional Benefits

Counselling Services

 We understand that taking care of the financial burden – Pure financial loss and legal expenses-is only part of the solution

IT consultant service cover

 There a lot of costs that you can’t anticipate until they are thrown at you. This tends to hamper budgeting and staying on track with financial goals.

Buy Online

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