Fulfil Your Dream of Education with the Federal Bank Education Loan


Are you worried about securing an education loan? The Federal Bank Education Loan provides financial support and monetary assistance to meritorious students. This allows students to pursue higher education and their professional aspirations. More importantly, the education loan covers a wide range of courses spanning diploma programs to postgraduate degrees.

Wondering what makes the Federal Bank education loan a smart choice for students? A good reason to opt for it is that it comes with flexible repayment options and attractive interest rates. This is convenient and suitable for students seeking financial aid to pursue their academic dreams. Additional benefits include coverage for ancillary expenses, including accommodation and travel expenses.


Features and Benefits of the Federal Bank Education Loan

  • Applicable for studies in India as well as abroad.
  • Available for any course except vocational courses and skill development courses.
  • The maximum loan amount for inland studies is Rs.10 lakh, and for abroad, it is Rs. 20 lakh. The loan amount depends on the repayment capacity of the parent/student.
  • No margin is required for a loan up to Rs.4 lakh. Above this amount, a margin of 5% for inland studies and 15% for abroad studies is applicable.
  • Affordable interest rates.
  • No security is required for loans up to Rs.4 lakh; a third-party guarantee is required for loan amounts between Rs.4 lakh and Rs.7.50 lakh; collateral security is required for loan amounts going above Rs.7.50 lakh.
  • A moratorium period equivalent to a course period + 1 year will be provided. Repayment starts after this period.
  • A maximum repayment period of 15 years will be provided. Repayment has to be done in equated monthly instalments (EMIs).
  • Easy and quick approval process for education loan.
  • Documents are to be executed jointly by the student and parent/guardian.


How to Apply for the Federal Bank Education Loan

Here's how students can apply for an education loan with Federal Bank:

  • Apply for a Federal Bank education loan through the Vidya Lakshmi portal. Students can contact the nearest Federal Bank branch and submit their application ID.
  • Visit the nearest Federal Bank branch and submit the loan application along with the required documents.
  • Call the Federal Bank contact centre. Our bank executives will help and guide students through the application process.


Who Can Apply for this Loan?

The following are the eligibility criteria to apply for the Federal Bank education loan:

  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • The applicant should have taken admission to technical/professional courses through entrance exams/selection.
  • The institution, as well as the course, should be recognised by concerned authorities.
  • The course certificate should be issued by a government department or a regulatory body formed by the legislature/university.



Federal Bank Education loan is an excellent option for students seeking financial assistance to pursue higher studies. With low-interest rates and easy repayment options, this loan is a pathway for students to achieve their educational aspirations.