Frequently Asked Questions- Federal Bank FASTag

How to get a Federal Bank FASTag?
One can visit the link, and click on "Apply Online"

Can I buy more than one FASTag for different vehicles?
Yes, RC copy for each vehicle has to be provided.

What is the amount available in Fastag when I buy it?
An amount of Rs 200(VC 4 & VC5), Rs.300 (VC 6 & VC 7), Rs.400 (VC 12), Rs.500 (VC 15 & VC 16) will be available at the time of activation of Fastag.

What is the minimum balance required to use FASTag?
Minimum Balance Rs 200(VC 4 & VC5), Rs.300 (VC 6 & VC 7), Rs.400 (VC 12), Rs.500 (VC 15 & VC 16)

Where should I affix FASTag?
The tag should be affixed inside the windshield of the vehicle.

Will the FASTag get damaged?
Tags once fixed on the vehicle will not normally get damaged, unless the windshield breaks.

How many tolls are enabled with FASTag?
592 Toll Plazas as on 30th Nov 2019 are enabled.

Why is my FASTag shown as invalid at the toll?
If the wallet doesn't have minimum threshold amount, the same will be shown as invalid.

What happens if my FASTag is debited twice for a single journey?
The customer can raise a complaint by calling the toll free number printed in the tag.

When I passed through the toll, my FASTag didn't work and I paid cash. Later I got a message that my FASTag account is debited. What should I do?
Please call Toll Free Number (1800 266 9520) and request chargeback

What happens if I sell my car?
Call the toll free number (1800 266 9520) and cancel the tag. The security deposit and the amount available in the wallet will be transferred to the tag holder's bank account.

How can I disable my FASTag?
Just call the toll free number given in the Fastag (1800 266 9520) and ask it to be disabled.

When will a Tag get backlisted?
If multiple tags are issued to a single vehicle, the tags will get blacklisted.

How can I reload money in my FASTag?
Customer can visit the Federal Bank Fastag Portal, Login using the mobile number and reload using Cards/Internet banking/UPI

Can I link my bank account with FASTag?
Currently there is no option for linking bank account with Fastag

Where can I see my transactions in my FASTag?
Login to the Federal Bank Fastag portal to see your transactions.

Whom should I contact when I have a problem with my FASTag?
Call the Toll free number printed in the tag (1800 266 9520)