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Bank guarantee

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Types of Bank Guarantees

  •  Financial guarantee
  •  Performance guarantee


Performance Guarantee

Performance Guarantee is one by which: 

  •  Due performance of a contract undertaken by a customer in favour of Govt. bodies and others for supply of materials, construction of building etc.
  •  Due performance of an equipment/project after completion for a specific period.


Financial Guarantees

Financial Guarantees provided by us include: 
  •  BG issued in lieu of earnest money/security deposit specified to be deposited while contractors bid for a tender in favour of Government Departments and others.
  •  BG issued in favour of Customs Department in respect of payment of customs duty by the customer.
  •  Guarantees for obtaining advance payment
  •  Guarantees issued in favour of IATA/Airlines for providing air tickets to travel agents.
  •  Guarantees issued in favour of Electricity Boards and Power Utilities, Water Boards etc guaranteeing payment of electricity/water bills
  •  Guarantees issued for releasing retention money.
  •  Guarantees issued in favour of nominated Banks for selling gold to Jewelers on credit.
  •  Guarantees issued in favour of Customs/Excise/Sales Tax for deferring payment of duties.
  •  Guarantees/ Comfort letters issued in favour of lenders of buyer's credit/ suppliers credit.
  •  Guarantees issued in favour of Banks/ FIs guaranteeing repayment of loans.
  •  Guarantees issued to Stock Exchanges on behalf of stockbrokers for margin money.
  •  Guarantees issued under EPCG Scheme for customs duty exemptions.

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