Fed NRE/NRO Seafarer

Key Features & Benefits

Federal Seafarer account is a tailor made solution to all your ‘unique banking requirements and the best tool to manage your finance. No matter whether you are sailing in the great seas or anchored at a distant port, the Seafarer account specially curated  and crafted for the mariners, will help you navigate the financial seas with ease. The best in class services we offer clubbed with our state of the art digital banking platforms enable you to execute banking transactions seamlessly, irrespective of geo coordinates and the time zone difference. Bank with your perfect banking partner and set sail with confidence!!.

  • Preferential exchange rate for monthly inward remittance 
  • VISA Signature Imperio International Debit card with ₹ 75,000 daily limit for ATM withdrawal and ₹ 3,00,000 daily limit for POS/ Shopping (for Fed NRE SEAFARER)
  • Rupay platinum Debit card with ₹ 50,000 daily limit for ATM withdrawal and ₹ 3,00,000 daily limit for POS/Shopping (for FED NRO SEAFARER)
  • Premium Debit card with domestic airport lounge access 
  • Linked Zero balance NRO SB account 
  • Bespoke financial planning and customised wealth management products and services- dual RM support
  • 50% concessions in processing fees for retail loans subject to a cap of ₹ 5,000
  • Free Mobile alerts & E-mail alerts
  • Exclusive deals and offers on dining, hotel stays, travel, bill payments through Debit Card


Indian nationals working as Mariners with NRI status

Documents Required

KYC Check list
Self-attested copy of valid passport - First and last four pages of the passport with name, address, date of birth, date and place of issue, expiry date, photograph and signature and indicating last date of arrival in India. The signature should be clearly visible and match the signature on the registration form.
Self-attested copy of valid visa (Copy of valid Transit / Work / C1D Visa ) OR Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) . The CDC must indicate latest discharge stamp / last date of arrival in India.
Valid job Contract

   A) For a permanent employee
        I.    Initial work contract and
        II.   Last wage slip (should not be more than six months old).

   B) If the customer is a contract employee, then the following documents are also required:
        I.    Valid CDC is a mandatory document along with the last page of the disembarkation stamp
        II.   Valid work contract with the last page of the wage slip 

Balance requirement

Average Monthly Balance 

  • NRE Seafarer ₹ 10000
  • NRO Seafarer ₹ 5000 

  * Zero balance NRO Seafarer account if the AMB of the NRE Seafarer account is maintained

Fees & Charges

For detailed charge structure, please visit www.federalbank.co.in/rates-and-charges


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