Federal Bank's E-Maintenance is an easy solution for fee collection requirements of Apartments, Residents' Associations and Housing Societies. It is also advantageous for the Tenants, since they can do away with the troubles of making payment towards maintenance.



How it works?

  • The maintenance fee collection data provided by the Housing Society/Residents' Association is integrated with the Bank's data base.
  • Members/Tenants/Owners shall be allotted with a Virtual Account Number which will be their Unique ID.
  • Payments can be made to the Virtual Account Number.
  • The Bank generates daily reports and sends them to the registered e-mail id of the Housing Society/Residents' Association.
  • Institutions can also download the reports from a customized Admin Module developed exclusively for their institution.

Payment Options for Members/Tenants/Owners

Payments of monthly maintenance fees can be made by any of following ways which provide you with greater freedom of choice.
  • Cash/ Cheque deposit at any Federal Bank branch
  • NEFT/RTGS from other Banks
  • Any Debit/Credit Cards
  • Internet Banking of any Bank.

What the institution have to do?

  • Open an account with us for pooling the maintenance fee.
  • Provide the data of Members/Tenants/Owners for allocation of Unique ID.


  • Simple and easy solution for the Housing Society/Residents' Association.
  • Members/Tenants/Owners can use different payment channels.
  • Fee Collection not restricted to any single location/branch – fees can be remitted at any branch of Federal Bank and also online.
  • The Housing Society/Residents' association will be provided a customized Admin Module developed exclusively for them.

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