Doorstep banking for Senior Citizens (70 years and above) and Differently abled Persons


Doorstep banking for Senior Citizens (70 years and above) and Differently abled Persons

Technology will always will be an enabler for customer delight. However, it cannot substitute basic customer service through our people.  The Bank’s philosophy has always been “Digital at the fore, Human at the core.” In line with the RBI notification, we have taken concerted efforts to extend Doorstep Banking services to senior citizens and differently abled persons including visually impaired. With this, such customers will be able to avail a variety of services for their basic banking needs at their doorstep. These services are available at all our branches across India. The eligible customers can enrol for the services by signing the prescribed Application form through their Home Branch.

Services Provided:

After the registration at Home Branch, the customer can call our Contact Centre for availing the specific service. The requests will be routed to the Home Branch from Contact Centre. The following basic banking services will be offered to Senior Citizens (70 years and above), Differently Abled or infirm customers and Visually Impaired customers at their doorstep: -

a.  Pick-up and delivery of cash from own account with limits as shown below:


Cash Pick up/ Delivery
(Deposit/ Withdrawal)

Per Transaction cash limit (maximum)


Per Transaction cash limit (minimum)


b.  Pick-up of Instruments for collection/ clearing to self account.

c.  Pick–up of documents relating to ongoing KYC updates.

d.  Pick up of relevant documents and information that would enable activation of dormant accounts.

e.  Pick-up of Cheque book requests, Form 15G/15H, Account Statement Request, Term deposit Opening, Interest Certificate requests, TDS/ Form 16 requests, Demand Draft requests and collection of Life Certificates (applicable where physical life certificates are accepted by the concerned authorities).

Eligibility Criteria:

The services are extended for Senior citizens (70 years and above), Differently abled or infirm persons and Visually Impaired persons. Further, the facility will be offered to the following customers only:

a.  The facility will be offered only to resident individual customers.

b.  The customer’s KYC records should be duly updated on the system

c.  The facility will be offered to accounts maintained singly and Joint accounts with mode of operation, Either or Survivor, Former or Survivor and Anyone or Survivor only.

d.  The facility shall be offered only to holders of Savings Bank accounts.

Other Conditions for Doorstep Services:

  • There will not be any regular services; the services listed in the scheme will be available on request basis only.
  • No services will be available on Bank holidays.
  • The service shall be available within distance of 5 K.M from the Home Branch.
  • There shall be a cap of one request per day and three requests per month per customer for this particular service.

Service Charges:

  • Customer will be charged service charge of Rs. 250 + applicable GST for each visit to customer’s door step.
  • Service charge will be debited to the customer’s account by the branch, after completion of the service.


For any help on availing Doorstep Banking Services explained above, please call our toll free number - 1800 420 1199