Co-branded Credit Cards

Federal Onecard Co-branded Credit Cards

Federal Bank has partnered with OneCard, a co-branded Credit Card, that aims to provide a seamless digital experience to the young, tech-savvy population across the country.

Federal Bank Scapia Co-Branded Credit Card
Federal Scapia Co-branded Credit Card

Federal Bank has partnered with Scapia Technology Pvt. Ltd. to introduce the Federal Scapia Co-branded Credit Card, enabling travel enthusiasts to transform regular expenses into exciting travel adventures. Obtain the card within minutes using Scapia's fully digital onboarding process.

Federal FI Co – Branded Credit Card

Federal Bank has partnered with FI Brand Pvt Ltd (FI) to launch Federal -FI Co-branded Credit Card. The card issuance process will be completely digital using the ‘Fi App’.

Federal Edge Co-branded Credit Card

Tailor-made for the tech-savvy crowd, making online shopping a breeze, giving you a seamless in-person purchasing experience, and hassle-free forex transactions. 

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