Cash Management Services

Features & Benefits

Our large network of fully automated branches across the country is our major strength in offering you impeccable Cash Management Services (CMS).
 Dematerialization of securities held in physical form,
 Subscription to government securities through competitive and non competitive bidding. 
 Provide market related quotes for security transaction on request.
 Undertake purchase and sale of Government securities in the secondary market.
Free fund transfer facility for enabling security transaction.
Collection of periodical interest and redemption of the securities for credit to CD/SB account.
Provide training in dealing and setting up treasury of the constituents.
Advisory services for purchase/sale of securities and for placing bids in security auctions.

Services Offered

  • Collection of instruments
  • Cheque purchase facility
  • At par payment of cheques
  • Easy funds transfer
  • Disbursement of salary
  • Collection of Telephone bills
  • DD Drawing arrangement


  • Corporate Clients holding accounts with Federal Bank.

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