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Bharat QR

Bharat QR is P2M (Person to Merchant) Mobile payment solution. This solution is mutually derived among NPCI, Visa and Mastercard payment networks. Once the BQR codes are deployed on Merchant locations, user can pay the utility bills using BQR enabled mobile banking apps without sharing any user credentials to the merchant. It is a quick method of payment.

  • What is Bharat QR ?
  • How Bharat QR Works
  • Eligibility
  • How to make payments ?
  • Benefits of Bharat QR
  • How to integrate with Business?
  • Bharat QR Services, developed by NPCI, Mastercard, and Visa, is an integrated digital card payment system in India.
  • Bharat QR primarily works by scanning a QR code and helps in enabling digital payments to reduce the usage of card swiping machines for payment.
  • Bharat QR code system allows payments without entering the merchant's ID or phone number.
  • Customers can make payments by scanning the code and entering the transaction amount. It does not require swiping a card either.
  • Bharat QR code enables Merchants in accepting digital payments without a Point of Sale (POS) machine.
  • The QR code sticker provided to Merchants along with the kit is an integrated QR (UPI + BQR), which can be used by customers for making payments using any UPI or BQR supporting app of his/ her choice (Mobile Banking and UPI apps).
  • On successful scanning of the QR code, customer can make payment by choosing the card which is linked to their account.
  • After successful completion of transaction, both the Customer as well as the Merchant will be receiving SMS notifications.
  • Customer account will be debited in real time and Merchant's account will be credited on settlement, which usually is on T+2 basis.
Note: If the transaction is performed by Customer through UPI platform Merchant's account will be credited on real time.

Customers of any Bank having the respective Bank's Mobile Banking or any QR Code supporting apps on their smartphone can make payment through the QR code available at the Merchant location. 

Process of making payments through Bharat QR are given in the steps below:
  • Customer opens the app, taps on Scan QR Code and scans the QR Code.
  • Once the code is scanned, the customer enters the amount that he/she wants to pay and the authentication code to complete the transaction.
  • Once authentication is completed, the Merchant and the customer will get the transaction success SMS to their registered Mobile Numbers, from their respective Banks.
  • The payments will be credited directly to the Merchant's bank account on settlement.

Direct Credit to Account

Bharat QR accepts payment directly to your Account. Time and cost of depositing cash into your Accounts can be saved.

Quick and Convenient Payment Process

Your customers can forget the hassles of carrying or swiping Credit/Debit Card, transferring or holding money in mobile wallets etc. They can now pay using their Mobile Banking Applications enabled with Bharat QR.

Less instances of charge back

As the customer himself initiates the payment the occurrence of chargeback is minimized.

Safe and Secure

Customer account details are secured as they confirm the payment through their mobile application.

Instant Notification

On successful payment transaction, both the receiver and sender will get an instant notification. All transactions will be reflected in the "Transaction History" section of customer App and will be replicated in your bank account statement.
If you are a merchant looking forward to integrate Bharath QR based payments with your business, feel free to contact us. You may please get in touch with our Contact Centre or nearest Federal Bank branch.