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Cash On Line Scheme

Federal Bank offers easy and convenient cash payout scheme for making remittance up to Rs 50,000. It is an arrangement with Al Rajhi Bank and Bank of Bilad, Saudi.

  • Features
  • How it works ?
  • Where is this Facility Available?
  • Make remittance up to Rs 50,000.
  • Beneficiary can collect cash from the Bank by producing a Photo Identity Card.
  • Beneficiary need not have an account with Federal Bank.
  • Remittance can be made through Al Rajhi Bank and Bank of Bilad, Saudi to our branches in India. 
  • The remittance can reach the beneficiary at express speed
  • The beneficiary should approach the branch where money was sent with his/her photo identity card.
Presently Cash on line arrangement exists with two Banks in Saudi Arabia:
  •  Al Rajhi Bank Ltd
  •  Bank Al Bilad