Growth is essential to keep an organisation live and vibrant. Organisations grow only when its roots are firmly planted on a ground of strong business philosophy. A strong sense of ‘purpose' drives organisations forward and a sound philosophy fuels this advance. 
Federal Bank is a notable player amongst the commercial banks in the country. Bank professes a set of values that are being nurtured over the years and these have become the principles of the organisation. The Bank envisions an all-round prosperity to all the stakeholders - customers, shareholders, employees and associates. We practice and propagate with excellence, in all spheres of activities. Strategic alliances and diversification paths are adopted; making sure that the ultimate goal is achieved - To be a Bank of world-class standards. 
A Bank that is respected by both its customers and competitors alike would never dare to overlook a very important asset – the employees. A well-trained, well-informed and happy work force with strong work ethics is sure to result in success with no precedents. The Bank is reaping the benefits of an HRD policy that aimed at developing a ‘WE' attitude among the employees. Our employees are an energetic set of people with unfathomable skill, energy and commitment.
With prosperity comes responsibility, especially to the society in which you exist. The bank is keen to fulfill its social obligations by lending to the priority sector. The Fedbank Hormis Memorial Foundation, a public charitable trust formed by the bank to perpetuate the fond memory of our founder chairman, Late Kulangara Paulo Hormis is striving hard to inculcate better knowledge and awareness in the field of banking through training programmes, focused seminars, awards, scholarships and so on.
Capitalising on our core competencies and smart sizing our operations, we are prepared to meet any challenge that may come our way and utilise opportunities the banking industry has to offer in the days to come. Every action conveys our message, we are - Your Perfect Banking Partner.