Short Term Loan


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Short Term Loan for Corporates

Federal Bank offers short term credit facilities to entrepreneurs to meet working capital needs and other eligible requirements.

  • Features
  • Eligibility
  • Security

Short term credit facilities to entrepreneurs:

  • To meet working capital needs.
  • Any other genuine requirement/pending tie up of long term funds/inflow of cash accruals.
  • For payment of bonus, advance payment, purchase of machinery/equipments/ vehicles etc
  • Pending tie up of term loans
  • To meet temporary cash flow mismatch

Mid / Large corporates having satisfactory external rating and having turnover of Rs. 500 Crores and above OR minimum exposure ( Funded + Non Funded) of Rs.25 Crores

  • Hypothecation / extension of Hypothecation charge over the current assets and fixed assets, hypothecation of machinery / assets etc
  • Extension of charge over current assets / Fixed Assets
  • Additional tangible security such as immovable properties / bank deposits etc.
  • Personal guarantee of Proprietors / partners / promoters.
  • Corporate Guarantee

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