VISA Money Transfer


Using Visa Money Transfer, you can send money from UAE to Federal Bank Visa Debit Card holder in India in minutes. This power-packed and highly secure service comes to you with the global expertise of Visa. The sender only needs the beneficiary's Federal Bank Visa Debit Card number. The recipient receives the money safely and securely in the linked Federal Bank account in not more than a few minutes.
Receive money immediately at any time – 24hours a day, 7 days a week.
Transaction only requires beneficiary's Federal Bank Visa Debit Card number.
No more hassles for Beneficiary to visit a location and carry / store cash at home.
Immediate SMS alert for mobile banking customers.
Charges paid by Sender, no fees needs to be paid by beneficiary.
Use the money by visiting the nearest ATM or use your Federal Bank Visa Debit Card directly at a merchant POS.

How it works?

  • The sender abroad uses the "Visa Money Transfer" service by providing the beneficiary's Federal Bank Visa Debit Card number.
  • Instantly, Federal Bank receives the transaction, identifies the Visa Debit Card number and credits the Beneficiary's underlying bank account.
  • The funds are immediately available to the Beneficiary for use.
  • Beneficiary receives the full amount in Indian Rupees, as decided by the sender.
  • Federal Bank also provides the beneficiary an SMS alert as soon as the transaction is completed.
  • As per RBI rules, a single transaction cannot exceed Rupee equivalent of USD 2,500, nor can a single Beneficiary receive more than 30 transactions in a calendar year.  

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