Federal Bank Debit Cards on Google Pay


  • Card payment Simplified.
  • Use Google pay to make digital payments via your Visa and Mastercard Debit cards to ensure a safe & secure payment process.
  • Google Pay uses the process of ‘Tokenization’ to replace sensitive information on your card with an alias called ‘token’ which is hereafter used while processing payments.

Get Started

Adding cards to Google Pay

On your mobile device, open Google Pay.

  1. Tap Profile Payment methodsAdd card.
  2. Enter the Card number, Expiry date, CVV, and the Cardholder’s name and billing address.
  3. Tap Save
    • Accept the Terms & conditions.
    • Choose verification process.
    • You will be asked for additional authentication via OTP or can contact the call centre.
  4. OTP will be auto read or you can enter it manually.
  5. In case of “Call the Bank” Option, follow the instructions given on the call by the Customer Service Center.
  6. Once verified you can use your card to make payments through Google Pay.


  • Only Visa and Mastercard cards can be added to your payment methods right now.
  • You should receive this OTP via text message to the phone number associated to your card.
  • If you don’t receive the OTP, do verify whether your contact details are up to date with the Bank.



Kindly ensure your Debit Card is enabled for Online, Contactless & International transactions to enjoy hassle free payments through Google pay. 

You can enable your Debit Card for Online/ Contactless/ International transactions through the below mentioned channels: 

Call 04842866700  → Press 3  → Follow the steps

FedMobile (Mobile Banking):

Login to FedMobile Card Management  Enable/Disable Card → Online/International/Contactless ON/OFF 

FedNet (Internet Banking):

  • Login to FedNet  → ‘Debit Card ON/OFF’ from ‘Debit Card Services’
  • Select the debit card number from the drop-down list  → Change the status to ON/OFF and click on ‘Continue’ button
  • Enter the FedNet 2FA SMS/ code and submit the details
  • Customer will be shown the confirmation page with the status of ON/OFF requests.

Federal Bank ATM:
Visit any Federal Bank ATM → Insert your card → Select language →  Select "more services" option → Select "Enable/Disable" option →  Choose the desired option.

Federal Bank branch: Visit any Federal Bank branch and request staff to enable/disable features.

Benefits for you


Google pay uses a process called Tokenization to replace the sensitive card information with an alias that is used for payment instead. This ensures that your sensitive card authentication details such as the 16-digit card number and CVV are never shared with anyone, including other apps and sites.


Once you have added your card onto Google pay, you can use your smartphone to make all your card payment without carrying your wallet.

Instant Payments

Ensure hassle-free payments using cards on Google pay without having to enter your card details repeatedly.

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (Terms) apply to and regulate the provisions of the specified products and services provided by Federal Bank through the ‘Google Pay India Application’. These Terms are in addition to and not in derogation with following terms and conditions and such other terms and conditions as may be specified by Federal Bank from time to time.
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