Safe Online Shopping: Tips for Secure E-Commerce Transactions

Digitalisation has stormed into the lives of every individual and is only advancing further. Shopping, once a task enjoyed outdoors at local businesses and kirana stores, has now switched to the online mode, enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home. Convenience combined with discounts and the power of comparison has made online shopping quite popular amongst the masses. However, online shopping includes transacting and making payments online and this has led to a rise in cyber crimes. The five tips listed below will help customers have a safe online shopping experience.

1. Securing Your Device

The first step while using devices such as laptops, mobile phones, or tablets for online shopping is to ensure the device is secure. Companies often release software updates regularly. These updates are meant to enhance the security of the device and fight against any cyber-attacks. Though these appear to be a hassle, the benefits outweigh the inconvenience and ensure a safe shopping environment.

2. Shopping on Secure Websites

Online purchases must be made only on trustworthy and reputed e-commerce platforms.

· The first check must be made on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate which is possessed by every website that requests sensitive information like credit card information. Customers must check if the website address has an “https” at the beginning. Those websites with just an “http” do not offer data security.

· Always opt for websites that accept credit cards as refunds on cards are easier in case of any fraud.

· Make sure the retailer has a valid address and contact number.

· Always read reviews of any online shopping store before placing an order.

3. Use Strong Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication

It is time to pay heed to this small piece of advice - use strong passwords! No two websites must have the same password. For those who find it tough to create a strong password, password managers can help create and manage all the passwords. Additionally, always opt for the two-factor authentication (TFA) offered by apps, wherein in addition to the main password, a security token or biometric like your fingerprint has to be punched in, to access the account. Federal Bank ensures the security of its customer's data by offering TFA service to all its customers.

4. Payment Security

While making payments for any online purchases, always opt for credit cards. Credit cards are much safer than debit cards as they are not directly linked to your savings account. Furthermore, in case of any fraud, credit card companies generally reverse the amount and investigate the matter. Federal Bank offers a wide range of credit cards that are accompanied by irresistible benefits. Check out their Credit Card section to know more.

5. Protecting Personal Information

Irrespective of the type of device used for online shopping, every device must be password-protected. Once a purchase has been completed, one must log out from the website to protect personal data. Another tip would be - do not let devices remember passwords or any credit card details. Federal Bank values every customer and its strong cyber security mechanisms ensure every customer's data stays secure.

To Summarise

Though there are a lot of apps and websites that make shopping a convenient and blissful experience, one must pay heed to the permissions requested by apps and also check out the reviews before downloading them and making purchases. Visit the Learning Center to stay updated on cyber security, financial products, and other financial topics.